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Volkswagen Scandal an "Extinction-Level Event" for VLKAY Stock

A Volkswagen scandal is playing out on the world's stage this week – one that could be "an extinction-level event for VW as we know it today," according to Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald.

Volkswagen AG (OTCMKTS ADR: VLKAY) stock plunged 17.1% Monday after the 78-year-old company confessed it deliberately programmed more than 500,000 vehicles to emit lower levels of emissions during official testing than when they're on the road. Over the last five sessions, VLKAY stock fell 29.4% in heavy trading.

Is this only the beginning of the reputational fallout for VW, or has the worst passed?

If you like Volkswagen, this will come as bad news...


What to Expect from Stocks into 2016

We're living in the proverbial interesting times.

As a technical trader, it's intriguing to me that all the headline-generating volatility – and U.S. Federal Reserve inaction – we've seen lately really hasn't made the market nosedive or skyrocket for any significant length of time.

I've got the answer right here...


Why the Volkswagen Stock Price Is Down 20% Today (OTC: VLKAY)

The Volkswagen stock price plunged roughly 20% today (Monday) after company officials admitted the company had cheated on some U.S. emission tests.

Amid investigations, VW halted American sales of popular new and used 4-cylinder diesel-powered vehicles.

Here's why this is such a huge problem for Volkswagen shareholders...

Trading Strategies

These Double-Digit Returns Are Hiding in Plain Sight

Entirely too many investors lurch from one stock to another in a desperate search for higher returns. While a precious few get lucky, the majority doom themselves to abysmal returns.

Today we're going to talk about what you need to know about a special class of investments that's been shown to account for as much as 90% of total market returns over the last century.

Best of all, they pay you cold hard cash while requiring almost none of your time to manage, making them a perfect choice even if there's more volatility ahead.

Here's a time-tested way to put your investment money to work during turbulent times...


The Top 3 Stocks to Buy Now at "Discount Prices"

U.S. stock markets entered correction territory in late August, with the Dow Jones falling more than 14% from its yearly highs.

But instead of leaving the market, we looked for some of the best stocks to buy now that are trading at "discount prices."

Here are three of the best stocks to buy now at discounted prices...


An Infrastructure Play for the Ages

To try and offer some perspective between the demand for public works projects in ancient times and for infrastructure projects of today, I set out to see if there was any way of creating a cost comparison.

It's not a simple exercise. But it is kind of a fun one.

Let me demonstrate...

Best Investments

Our Secret to the Biggest Gains During Market Corrections

When it comes to stock market corrections, the urge to sell and run for cover is completely understandable – but it's the wrong move.

Instead, when the going gets tough, the tough… go shopping.

And today, our strategists will share some of their own market correction shopping lists, and even how to lay "profit traps" to pick them up at the price you want.

Investment Strategy

Find Out How Many Shares of a Stock to Buy with This Portfolio Tool

How your investments are structured in your portfolio is at least as important as what goes into your portfolio.

The traditional "diversified" portfolio of 60% stocks and 40% bonds is still very popular.

But this portfolio tool can show you a better approach.

options trading

The 10 Best Stocks for Options Plays in This Market

The biggest market drop in recorded history on Monday… a wild end-of-day plummet on Tuesday… a huge up day on Wednesday… and more bullish action today?

Talk about opportunity!

Right now, the only real barrier to trading profits is a stock that doesn't move.

So in times like this, I like to use a really great tool that identifies what I call my "Top Movers" – the stocks and ETFs that have had the biggest percent moves and best correlation to the market.

Then I can focus on finding the best stock with the best option trade and the best potential to double in value on the smallest move in the stock.

That's a lot of "bests."

This is a really simple tool, and I know you'll like it.

This is a really simple tool, and I know you'll like it.

Stocks to Buy

Why Goldcorp (NYSE: GG) Stock Is a Buy Today

GG stock, dragged down by a plunge in the price of gold, has dipped 21% in the last five trading sessions.

While some are selling, shares of the Canadian-based gold producer look like a buy at these levels. Its hefty dividend yield is an added perk.

Here's why we're so bullish on GG stock today...

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