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Monday's Hot Stocks to Watch: AAPL, IBM, CMG, and More

Earnings are again in focus this week as a number of key industry players post Q3 results. Q3 estimates have come down slightly in recent weeks. Still, the U.S. economic backdrop remains solid, as reflected in robust Q3 manufacturing output data and recent job growth.

Monday's hot stocks to watch include a leading smartphone maker, a tech titan, and a boutique burrito chain.

Here’s our full list of all seven stocks that will be on the move today.

Stock Market

This Bear Market Indicator Is Off the Mark

Investors are taught that bear markets can't occur unless the Treasury yield curve inverts – that is, unless short-term interest rates are higher than long-term interest rates. 

And that can only happen if the Federal Reserve raises the Federal Funds rate, which is the short-term rate that the Fed controls.

But that measure may be off the mark this time, and here's why… Full Story

The Week in Review

Understanding a Confusing Market…Inside and Out

With a lot of variables in play during this earnings season, it's time to separate out the components.

The long overdue stock market correction continued this week as a European growth scare was compounded by fears about the potential spread of Ebola to send the markets lower.

A strong rally on Friday allowed the major stock market indices to stabilize for the moment and show relatively minor damage on the week, but many hedge funds suffered larger losses after being forced (or forcing themselves) into realizing losses as the markets reached a selling climax on Wednesday, October 15.

That day, the Dow Jones Industrial Average traded down 470 points at its low before recovering to close down only 173.45 points.

Even more dramatic was the action in Treasuries where the yield plunged by 30 basis points at one point to 1.83%, its most dramatic intraday move since the collapse of Lehman Brothers...

Investing Tips

Are Stock Buybacks Good for Investors?

Stock buybacks are hitting pre-recessionary levels, leaving observers wondering: Are stock buybacks good for investors?

Some companies may use it as a way to artificially inflate a stock price, although others may only be trying to deliver to shareholders the actual value of the company.

Here’s what you need to know for the next time you hear a stock buyback announcement…

Stocks to Watch

Friday’s Hot Stocks to Watch: GE, MS, HON, and More

The Q3 earnings parade on Wall Street continues Friday. This week brought a barrage of earnings. The financial industry was heavily represented, along with a number of key bellwethers in several sectors.

Today's hot stocks to watch include a couple of major global infrastructure companies, a key investment bank, a freight rail transporter, and more.

Get the full list of all 7 stocks to watch here…


Philip Morris International (NYSE: PM) Stock Still a Good Buy Despite Weak Earnings

Philip Morris (NYSE: PM) stock fell marginally on an earnings release that revealed slowing sales for the third quarter.

Sales fell 0.9%, and earnings per share were down more than 4%. This and the flat returns of the stock may deter some investors from buying PM.

But those investors would miss out on this profit play that the tobacco giant offers...