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New York Medical Marijuana Laws Get a Major Tweak

With some of the strictest medical marijuana laws in the country, advocates are hoping New York will start to help increase access for patients.

New York is looking to tweak the laws, considering home delivery and increasing the list of qualifying conditions.

But advocates are hoping for more. Here are all of the tweaks New York is considering to its current marijuana laws...

Trading Strategies

Do Your Holiday Shopping on Wall Street's Dime This Year… and Forever

These kinds of encounters really make my day.

We've seen how trading is perfect for setting up extra regular income, but I want to share this one with you because it really drives home how folks can use trading to pocket a timely windfall… at a time when we could all use some extra money. 

I was getting some work done on my house, and one of the construction guys asked me what I do for a living. Naturally, I told him that I'd been working for nearly 30 years as a trading coach for everyday investors, and that my specialty was turning people on to low-cost, low-risk, high-profit trades.

He mentioned that the stock market was going ballistic, of course, and asked me how a guy like him might cash in on these all-time highs and pull in a little more cash for the holidays.

In less than 10 minutes, I'd taught him exactly what I'm going to teach you...

Trading Strategies

These Picks Will Pay You a Different Kind of Dividend

If the "official" start of this holiday shopping season is any indication, this year will be one for the history books.

From Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday, records were smashed. More than $3 billion was spent online, an increase of nearly 12% from the year before.

Two of e-commerce's heaviest hitters reported large mobile crowds: Amazon reported that 70% of its Thanksgiving Day web traffic was mobile, while Target pegged its mobile traffic at 60%, suggesting that a lot of folks were "multitasking" while eating turkey and watching football (in my case, the Pittsburgh Steelers).

Most importantly, spending patterns confirmed our very bullish outlook on e-commerce in general and mobile retail in particular; shoppers on both Black Friday and Cyber Monday forked over more than $1.1 billion each day, via smartphones mostly.

We've been recommending profitable e-commerce and mobile plays like Apple Inc. and PayPal Inc. to my Private Briefing readers since soon after we started publishing in 2011. I "walk the walk and talk the talk," so naturally I'm more than comfortable spending money online, whether I'm on a PC or a smartphone.

But when it comes to planning how I spend, I take a decidedly low-tech approach. Every holiday season, you'll find me at my kitchen table with a very un-cutting-edge pen and paper, writing out a list of gifts I'd like to get my loved ones. I've done it for years, ever since I was a kid.

And, since I love making money as much as the next guy, I like to pick gifts that I'm sure will "keep on giving" to my friends and relatives.

I'm talking about some of the most powerful and successful money-making ideas of all time, of course...


20 Marijuana Stocks to Watch in 2017

For our marijuana stocks to watch in 2017, we provide our readers with 20 stocks to keep an eye on.

As more states legalize marijuana, these stocks could skyrocket.

Here's more information about the 20 marijuana stocks we have our eyes on for 2017...


Why the Under Armour Stock Ticker Is Changing (NYSE: UAA)

Shares of Under Armour Inc. (NYSE: UA) are jumping following news that the sporting goods retailer is changing its stock ticker to "UAA."

The aim is close the widening gap between its share classes.

Here are the details behind the Under Armour stock ticker change...


Trump Win Has Small-Cap Stocks Looking Better Than Ever

The Russell 2000 has extended its winning streak to 13 sessions this week, and we're calling small-cap stocks the sweet spot of the market.

We explain why small-cap companies are thriving after Trump's victory and how you can invest in the sector right now...

One of the Best Defense Stocks to Buy Before Trump Takes Office

One of the best defense stocks to buy is about to receive a huge catalyst in the form of President-elect Trump.

This company is poised to be one of the largest beneficiaries of Trump's plan to increase military spending.

Here's why...


Why Cisco Deserves a C- This Quarter

From weak sales growth to massive job cuts, a lot's been happening with Cisco recently. And it's starting a restructuring effort, but Michael Robinson is not really optimistic.

Here's his full forecast and how to play the stock right now...


What You Need to Know About the "Trump" Stock Market

D.R. Barton covers the upcoming rate hikes, Trump's pick for Treasury, the Tesla-SolarCity merger, the biggest stocks news, and the newest Texas oil discovery.

Watch his full insight right here...


Will Healthcare Stocks Rise Under Trump?

Whether healthcare stocks rise under Donald Trump depends on how he carves up Obamacare.

To be sure, something will get done. Trump and the Republican Congress made it clear they would repeal and replace Obamacare if elected.

Assumptions about what Trump will do at first sent pharma stocks soaring and hospital stocks plunging. But the odds are high that Trump's changes won't be as drastic as feared.

Here's what reform will mean for healthcare stocks in 2017...