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5 Upcoming IPOs This Week Led by Global Medical IPO (NYSE: GMRE)

There are five upcoming IPOs set to debut during this last week of the second quarter.

All five deals are set to raise a combined $275 million.

Here's a breakdown of each one, including one company that will be the second REIT IPO of 2016...


7 Reasons to Invest in Marijuana Stocks Now

Marijuana stocks will offer investors big profit-making opportunities in the next few years. But you can get ahead of the curve.

Check out these seven reasons to invest in marijuana stocks now...

Global Markets

What the British Pound Collapse Means for Markets Today

The British pound fell to a 31-year low against the U.S. dollar Monday as investors bet the Bank of England will cut rates.

After Brits voted Thursday to leave the European Union, the British pound has been in a free fall and global stocks have swooned.

Here's what ahead for the pound and what its collapse means for markets...


The Top 5 Corporate Donors of "Hard Money" for Election 2016

The top five corporate donors are giving major bucks to Republicans and Democrats this election cycle…

They're giving what's called "hard money" in support of the candidates.

Here's what hard money is and the top five corporations giving the most of it...


Why We'll See Stocks Act Like Bonds and Currencies Soon

The British people powerfully repudiated their political and business elites last week by voting in favor of Britain exiting the deeply flawed European Union (E.U.).

As the Wall Street Journal pointed out, 52% of British voters gave a collective middle finger to all five major political parties, more than 1200 corporate CEOs, and even American President Barack Obama who told them that it would be a terrible mistake to leave the death-clutch of the European bureaucratic state.

This was not only a victory for democracy but a resounding rejection of dismal economic and political leadership that has led the world to the brink of another global financial crisis.

But there's so much more happening beyond the United Kingdom...


Why the Fed Is Embracing This "Fintech Tsunami"

Blockchain and Bitcoin are gaining popularity, threatening banks and financial systems the world over.

Now the Federal Reserve must embrace these two fintech disruptors to preserve its very existence. Here's what you need to know...

market crash

Is a Stock Market Crash Coming After Brexit Vote Results?

Investors around the world are anxiously awaiting the results of the Brexit vote today.

If Britain leaves the EU, it will be one of the biggest stock market crash warnings of the year.

Unfortunately, we've found four other factors that could lead to market turmoil in 2016...

Penny stocks

The 3 Best Strategies for Trading Penny Stocks Today

The best penny stocks today also happen to be the hardest to identify.

That's why we put together the three best strategies for trading penny stocks. These strategies will help you separate the good penny stock investments from the bad.

Here's how...


Why You Shouldn't Bet on a "Buyout Bailout" for Twitter

After Microsoft announced it was purchasing LinkedIn for $26.2 billion, hopeful investors pushed Twitter stock as high as 4.57% in mid-day trading.

But hope is never a viable investment strategy, and no merger or acquisition is coming to save these shares. Here's why...


Why the Price of Gold Is Falling Today Ahead of Brexit Vote

Despite the pullback, we remain bullish on gold prices in 2016.

Here's what to know with the Brexit results just hours away...