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Global Markets

Global Bond Markets Selling Off; Fed Official's Speech Could Move Markets

(Kitco News) – World bond markets are seeing keener selling interest to start the trading week, led by U.K. gilts, which in turn have been pressured by a weakening British pound. There are growing concerns about the world's major central banks starting to tighten their monetary policies, which in turn should stoke inflationary price pressures. That's […]

A feature in Asian stock market trading was casino-related shares dropping sharply after Chinese authorities arrested 18 people from Crown Resorts and charged them with illegal gambling.

Global Markets

Global Equity Markets Firmer Ahead Of Important U.S. Bank Earnings, Economic Data Friday

Asian and European stock markets were mostly firmer overnight. Thailand's stock market saw a strong rebound following big losses seen earlier this week. Thailand's long-time king died Thursday. Traders and investors in those regions were awaiting a batch of U.S. corporate earnings-namely big banks– and U.S. economic data due out Friday.  J.P. Morgan reported early Friday its third-quarter profits, which fell short of market expectations.

U.S. data due for release Friday includes the producer price index, retail sales, manufacturing and trade inventories, and the University of Michigan consumer sentiment survey. These reports are important and could move the markets today.

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slides After Weak China Data

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is falling after investors worry about weak economic data from China.

There was a sharp decline in exports from China, and the world's second-largest economy seems to be in trouble.

But that's not all you need to know- here's all the important stock market information to get you ready for Oct. 13...

Trading Strategies

Here's How to Profit Off These Failed "Peter Pan" Policies

Some central bankers are copping to their failures, but the damage is done.

Here's how their policies have led to disaster - and how to profit on the aftermath...


Why the TWTR Stock Price Is Crashing Today

The Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) stock price is crashing today (Thursday) as the list of potential bidders for the social media company dwindles.

Shares tumbled more than 17% in early trading.

Here's what investors need to know...

Stock Market

5 of the Biggest Fads Stocks from the 2000s

Here are the biggest fad stocks of the 2000s…

Which ones survived?

And which ones faded into eternity as so many fads often do?

The Fed

Here's a Double-Digit Profit Play on the Only Rate Hike That Counts

For reasons I can't fathom, investors are obsessed with central bankers, hanging on their every word, parsing out every little detail or tone of voice. For the better part of a decade, we've seen this obsession send markets zooming ahead in moments, or selling off steeply just as fast, all totally divorced from economic fundamentals.

So they can bring gains or losses in short order, but I submit that, in fact, nearly seven years of near-zero, zero, and sub-zero interest rates have made it clear that central bankers have lost control, with very little in the way of real influence beyond short-term rates.

Long-term rates, which have a much broader impact, remain subject to market forces. And today I want to share with you a chart that shows those rates are on the cusp of a secular trend that's going to make early investors a ton of money, once they know how to bet...


How to Safely Get Your Share of the Trillions About to Flood China's Markets

The Hangzhou G20 summit was China's coming-out party as a global economic superpower. China's yuan will join the IMF's basket of global reserve currencies next month.

Trillions in institutional money will flood Chinese markets after that. Here's how you can profit.


One of the Best Investment Options in the $75 Billion Cybersecurity Field

The amount of money being spent to fight cybercrime is astonishing. In fact, more than $1 trillion will be spent between 2017 and 2021.

And that means the field is producing some of the best investment options on the market today.

Here's our favorite pick and why it's one of the best investment options to make today...

Wall Street

Why the Latest Big Bank Scandal Is Worse Than Usual

Big banks are routinely penalized for shady activity.

But Wells Fargo's latest scheme is indicative of systemic, incentivized criminal behavior that'll take more than a $190 million fine to fix...