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Trading Strategies

The Easiest Way to Profit in the Worst Market in Eight Years

It's tough to be an investor today. This is perhaps the most challenging market since the meltdown in 2008.

The sobering headlines, full of dire predictions and uncertainty about the commodities collapse and the "slowdown" in China, certainly aren't helping.

At the same time, investors need to be in the market to have any hope of growing their wealth.

But here's the thing… No one needs to consign themselves to unnecessary risk and subpar returns.

To learn about how best to stay invested and in the black, I sat down to talk with D.R. Barton, Jr., author of the upcoming book "The Ten Minute Millionaire" and editor of the Stealth Profits Trader research and advisory service.

He told me the specific stocks to look at right now, and just as important, how to buy them. D.R. normally shares these stocks and strategies with his paid-up subscribers, but the market is so dicey right now that we feel everyone would benefit from this.

Here's what he had to say...


Best Stocks to Buy Now in Bear Market 2016

This bear market 2016 had a brief respite with a triple-digit rally on Jan. 26. Still, many investors are capitulating after the U.S. stock market's worst 10-day calendar start in history.

But even when the markets are volatile, our Money Morning gurus are trading. They have experience navigating even the worst bear markets. And they've added more stock picks to our weekly list of the best stocks to buy now...


The One Oil Stock Investing Strategy to Follow in 2016

Most investors are afraid to search for a profitable oil stock now that prices are hovering near $32.

But there's one oil stock investing method that can lead you to substantial profits while prices begin their long-term rebound.

Here's why every energy investor should follow it in 2016...


Q1 Apple Earnings 2016

Wall Street is awaiting the Q1 Apple earnings not to find out about another record-breaking quarter, but to see if their fears about slumping iPhone sales in 2016 will be realized.

Instead of focusing on Apple's numbers for its December quarter (Q1 of Apple's fiscal year), Wall Street will be looking mostly at the company's guidance for Q2.

Here's what they've been saying - and why they're getting it wrong...


Apple Q1 Earnings Will Defy Gloomy Forecasts

The Apple Q1 earnings, expected after the market close tomorrow (Tuesday), won't blow estimates out of the water, but will be better than Wall Street has predicted.

Concerns over slowing iPhone sales growth has prompted more than a dozen analysts to lower their 12-month price targets over the past two months, dropping Apple stock 18%.

But here's why the analysts are overreacting...


Two Tech Stocks to Play the Auto Industry’s $31 Billion Opportunity

Automakers are still largely reinventing the wheel when it comes to adding today's most advanced technologies to new vehicles.

Those carmakers sold a record 17.5 million vehicles last year. But their success could be in jeopardy if they drop the ball on the operating system they adopt.

Luckily, two iconic tech stocks are riding to their rescue...

Penny Stocks

The 5 Best Penny Stocks This Week All Posted Double-Digit Profits

The five best penny stocks this week all logged double-digit gains last week even as the broader markets ended the week flat.

That's why investors are always on the lookout for the best penny stocks to buy. They can return triple-digit profits in a short period of time, even when the markets are underperforming.

Last week was the perfect example. Take a look...


Donald Trump's New Controversy: "I Could Shoot Somebody and Not Lose Voters"

The S&P 500 declined around 1% in 2015, but the tech-centric Nasdaq Composite is up more than 5.5%. Plenty of my favorite tech stocks have performed spectacularly, in fact, dominating the market this year.

And 2016 already promises to be even better for this entire sector, as the new concepts that were on the drawing board in 2015 move to market reality to pack on bottom line profits in the new year.

So here's a special video report on three stocks - including one that will change medicine as we know it - that I believe every investor should buy now for 2016...


The TWTR Stock Rebound Is Over, Here's What's Next

The TWTR stock price is down over 4% today after CEO Jack Dorsey announced four key executives are leaving the company.

But if you're a TWTR shareholder, the news is only going to get worse when Q4 2015 earnings are announced.

For our Money Morning subscribers, we wanted to show you the hints the company has been leaving that indicate Twitter is in serious trouble...

market crash

How to Protect Your Money During a Stock Market Collapse

The Dow Jones Industrial Average has fallen 12.4% from its May highs, and Money Morning experts anticipate more volatility ahead in 2016.

Is a stock market collapse in the forecast? Our experts tell investors what to expect next and even how to profit during a market downturn...