Pot Stocks

Cannabis Science (CBIS) Stock Is a Marijuana Play to Avoid

Investors are eyeing up potential marijuana stock winners like Cannabis Science (CBIS) stock as the industry explodes – but a lot of these picks are not worth the money…

As we warned in February, a lot of these new pot stocks are not good for investors.

Some are scams, while others are just too new to invest in with confidence.

Here's why CBIS stock is among those to avoid...

Stock market today

4 Stock Market Conspiracies That Just Might Keep You Up at Night

There are some stock market conspiracy theories out there that seem astoundingly plausible. Take market manipulation, for example…

Oh, wait. That really does happen! Five banks just pleaded guilty to that on May 20 and were ordered to pay a fine of $5.7 billion.

Here are four more stock market conspiracy theories that just might keep you up at night...

Best Investments

2015 Top Stock Picks Riding Oil Rebound: ALJ, SLCA, VLO, WMB, HAL

Among our 2015 top stock picks are a number of energy stocks reaping the rewards of a rebound in both crude oil prices.

A number of energy stocks are getting a nice boost from the surge in oil prices, which is up 34% since hitting bottom in March.

Here’s a look at our best energy stock picks for 2015…

Tech Investing

The Tech Portfolio Built to Beat the Market

When I spoke with my Strategic Tech Investor readers last week, I illustrated how one of our Million-Dollar Tech Portfolio stocks had soared 53% in just a little over two months. But Repligen Corp. (Nasdaq: RGEN) isn't the only big winner. In fact, six of our seven investments in the Million-Dollar Tech Portfolio are up […]

Read More…

Short Selling

Shorting a Stock: A Step-By-Step Guide

Shorting a stock involves selling borrowed shares, buying them back at a later date, and returning them to the borrower.

A successful short seller will make a profit if they are able to buy back the borrowed shares at a price lower than what they initially sold it.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to short a stock...

Biotech Investing

This Top Biotech Stock Just Got a $100 Billion "Buy" Signal

Global cancer spending topped $100 billion for the first time after climbing a whopping 10% in 2014.

And that's a major "buy" signal for one of the top biotech stock picks we've been recommending at Money Morning.

According to a report from the IMS Institute of Health, rising drug prices and increased incidence of cancer led to the 10% spike in drug spending last year.

Here's what that means for our top investment...

stocks to buy

Why We're Bullish on the Ford Stock Price in 2015

The Ford stock price is down 4.4% in the last month. It currently hovers near $15.

But we see F stock pushing higher throughout 2015. That's because the automaker is on track to having one of the best years in the company's 112-year history.

Here's why F shares will soar this year...


McDonald's Future Is Hard to Digest (NYSE: MCD)

I love McDonald's burgers, fries, and shakes. What I don't love is its current stock price.

Don't get me wrong, the stock's been a huge gainer over the past decade. It's risen more than 230% in the past ten years while throwing off decent dividend income.

But what's hard to digest, with the stock 5% from its all-time highs, is where it goes next.

If you own McDonald's or are thinking about buying it, here's what I suggest: tread carefully and consider a few simple hedges – like put options. There's definitely upside here, but investors have to protect themselves.

And I'll tell you how...

Tobacco Industry

Altria Stock Poised to Gain from Growing E-Cig Market (NYSE: MO)

Altria stock needs a fresh catalyst, and it has the makings of one in its small-but-growing e-cigs business.

Altria Group Inc. (NYSE: MO) stock had a 64% from last February to march of this year. But with pressure on smoking as a health hazard rising, the company’s traditional business is expected to shrink in the years ahead. That’s why Altria has jumped into the e-cig market, which is growing exponentially.

What’s more, a lot of pieces have started to fall into place for Altria to take advantage of the e-cig revolution…


Should I Buy Cisco Stock?

Cisco stock price movements were muted today (Thursday) on an earnings beat, but while Wall Street trading activity remains subdued on the data networking giant, this earnings season is going to be a pivotal time for the company.

That’s because it’s the last earnings season the veritable face of Cisco Systems Inc. (Nasdaq: CSCO) for 20 years, John Chambers, will preside over his networking empire before handing the job off to Chuck Robbins in July.

Here’s what you need to know before you buy Cisco stock…

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