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Wall Street

Why This Indicator Is a Bullish Sign for the S&P 500

Morgan Stanley recently issued an alert saying that going long on the S&P 500 Index presented the best buying opportunity in 20 years.

That might sound absurd to some, but not to you. That's because I've been keeping you on top of profit-making opportunities before Wall Street catches on.

Today, I'm once again getting you out in front with a chart that shows you how the market has crossed another critical bullish threshold.

Very few people are talking about this yet. And that makes it a big opening for you...


One of the Best Dividend Stocks to Buy in 2016

Dividend stocks are an essential component of any portfolio.

Not only do they offer passive, effortless income every quarter, but they also act as a financial buffer against market volatility.

And with so much room to run, it would be criminal to miss out on the potential gains here. It likely won't be long before global growth investors start pouring in, so let's get started now...


Undervalued Ford Stock Is Our Pick of the Week

Ford stock is the Money Morning Pick of the Week.

One of America’s “Big Three” automakers, Ford Motor Co. (NYSE: F) stock hasn’t fared well over the past year; at one point the Ford stock price was down 30%.

But Ford is capable of more earnings growth than many of the analysts realize. And it’s because Ford once again is emphasizing innovation.

Here’s what the company is doing…


Amazon Stock Price Set to Soar After CEO's Latest Honor

The Amazon stock price is down in 2016, and shareholders were panicked about Amazon's rising operational costs and shipping costs from its Q4 2015 earnings report.

But despite the short-term negativity, CEO Jeff Bezos just made Barron's list of top CEOs for 2016.

And while Wall Street is ignoring this story, we believe that this has uncovered a major catalyst for growth that is going to reward long-term investors...


Gold Price per Ounce Climbs Today After Brussels Attack

The gold price per ounce is climbing this morning (Tuesday) as investors respond to news of a deadly terrorist attack in Brussels, Belgium.

Gold prices were trading up $9.40, or 0.76%, at $1,253.50 an ounce in midmorning trading amid a flight to safety.

Today's events have caused a temporary spike in the gold price per ounce, but we see other factors pushing gold higher in the long term. Before we get to those, here's how spot gold is trending today...


One Tech Stock to Play the Wireless Spending Boom

The coming wireless revolution will go far beyond handheld mobile devices. By 2020, we'll be using 50 billion connected "things" worldwide.

To make this revolution possible, our wireless Internet is going to have to get faster – much, much faster, in fact.

Once this huge breakthrough in mobile communications takes hold, the wireless Internet will run up to 50 times faster than existing 4G connections.

Today I want to show you a tech stock tapped in to this unstoppable trend that combines high yields and market-beating gains...


Here's What Has London's Wealthiest Oil Kingpins So Fired Up

Just one thing is clearly on the minds of every money kingpin in London… the current "breakout" in oil prices.

WTI is up 53.4% for the year, while Brent is up 34.5%. You might be wondering where this breakout is coming from, since oil supply hasn't changed much since December.

It won't be long before these players are going to make a lot of money on this, and we'll have our chance, too...


How To Make Sense of a Pathological Rally

Stocks rallied for the fifth consecutive week, erasing the losses suffered by the Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 to start the year. Fears of recession have receded and investors are now fretting that they may miss out on the next big thing if they don't dive back into the markets.

They should be careful what they wish for.

While it may be gratifying that the market didn't fall completely out of bed in the first quarter, there is still ample reason to believe that we are in a bear market and that recent gains are going to reverse sooner rather than later. One reason stocks rallied last week was that the Federal Reserve once again refused to take an opportunity, when market conditions were relatively stable, to raise interest rates. That leaves only investors to worry about when it might actually decide to do its job.

Read More…

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Adds 120 Points on Healthcare Boost

Why did the Dow Jones Industrial Average gain 120 points today?

Here's how the stock market did today, earnings reports, the top stock market news, and stocks to watch based on today's market moves…

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Why the Oracle Stock Buyback Is Too Much of a Good Thing

A $10 billion Oracle stock buyback, paired with Tuesday's fiscal Q3 earnings beat, sent ORCL stock up 5.5% in the following two days.

But it's not at all clear investors should have greeted this news with so much enthusiasm. There's much more going on here than meets the eye, especially regarding the Oracle stock buyback.

Here's why investors need to be wary of ORCL stock right now...