Buy the Best Dividend Stocks in the Tech Industry, All in One Place

The best dividend stocks in 2016 are actually in a surprising sector: tech.

And not only do these tech stocks provide market-beating gains, but they also pay you while they outperform the market.

Today, we wanted to share with our readers the one simple investment that lets you own all the top tech dividend stocks for a fraction of what they normally cost...


The Twilio Stock Price Could Plunge After Dec. 20, 2016

The Twilio stock price has surged nearly 300% over the course of its two months as a public company.

But investors should sell their positions before Dec. 20, 2016.

That's because a big event is set to happen with the company on that date - and it could send the stock crashing...


How to Buy the Best Tech Stocks in 2016 at a Fraction of the Cost

The best tech stocks in 2016 are really expensive.

In fact, it could cost $800 to own just one share of some of the top tech companies, and that doesn't include fees.

But we discovered how investors can profit from the booming industry for a fraction of the cost. Here's everything you need to know...


Our New Alibaba Stock Price Prediction Shows Shares Quadrupling

p>The Alibaba stock price has outperformed the markets this year, with an impressive 19.14% gain in 2016.

We see more gains ahead.

In fact, our newest Alibaba stock price prediction shows shares quadrupling from here. And that's just the start...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Down Before FOMC Meeting Minutes Revealed

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today pulled back from its record high today after a Fed official hinted at a September rate hike.

Here's everything you need to know about what happened in the stock market today...


One Stock to Buy Today to Double Your Money – 8/16/16

One of the best stocks to buy today is up 228% since we initially recommended shares, and that's just the start of this stock's long-term gains.

In fact, we see shares doubling in price.

Keep reading for the best stock to buy today...


Here's What the Facebook Stock Split Will Look Like

In June, shareholders approved a Facebook stock split.

The company will create a new class of share, but shareholders will lose their voting power.

And on the day of the FB stock split, the Facebook stock price will drop by nearly 70%. So before it happens, shareholders will want to read this to prepare themselves...


The Simple Reason Why OPEC Won't Strike a Deal on Oil

Every OPEC member feels the pain of cheap crude – but don't expect an oil deal any time soon.

There's one simple reason why a production cut won't happen...


The Best Stock to Buy Now for a Gain of 103%

The best stock to buy now has already climbed 83% since we first recommended it. And this stock has plenty more room to run.

In fact, we see shares doubling from here.

Here's the best stock to buy now...


Where the Price of Crude Oil Is Headed After 4-Day Rally

The price of crude oil rallied for a fourth consecutive day Monday, propped up by rumblings that major producers may be aiming to help stabilize the oil price rout with a production freeze.

Coupled with a bullish report from the IEA last week, oil prices are poised for more gains.

Here's where we see oil prices heading...