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Why I Don't Trust This Rally

Stocks kept rallying last week despite the fact that economic conditions are not improving anywhere in the world.

Investors predictably celebrated the European Central Bank's decision to lower interest rates further below zero and to buy more debt (including investment grade corporate bonds) in pa continuation of its desperate efforts to revive a moribund European economy.

That's bad, but it's not the immediate concern right now...


One Reason the Square Stock Price Will Rise in 2016

The Square stock price is having one of its most volatile weeks since its Nov. 19 debut.

Shares are down 6.2% this week as the company reels from its first-ever earnings report.

But the stock will gain traction in 2016 thanks to its adoption of this unique business model...


Gold Price Today to Offer Buying Opportunity Before Bull Run Continues

The gold price in 2016 is up 20% for a bull market rally long overdue.

Can it continue?

Here's what investors need to know about gold prices and where they're headed this year...


Tesla Stock Price's 40% Gain This Month Is Just the Start

The Tesla stock price has surged more than 40% in the last month alone, making it one of the hottest stocks on the market. During the same time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 500, and Nasdaq have posted gains of just 7%, 8%, and 10%, respectively.

And we see those types of market-beating gains from the Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA) stock price continuing from here.

But before we get to the long-term outlook for Tesla stock, here's why it has soared this month...


The 3 Best Stocks to Buy Now in This Booming $14.4 Trillion Market

In a volatile market, it can be hard to find the best stocks to buy.

But we narrowed down three in the emerging $14.4 trillion Internet of Things industry.

Wall Street isn't paying much attention to this growing market, but we're going to share with our readers how three companies are developing a huge foothold...


Why This Water Stock Is Our Pick of the Week

The water stock Consolidated Water Co. Ltd. (Nasdaq: CWCO) is the Money Morning Pick of the Week.

Consolidated Water stock also taps into one of what Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald likes to call "unstoppable trends." In this case, the trend is scarcity and allocation.

Despite a slump in the sector last year, the long-term prospects for water stocks have never been better.

And the investment case for CWCO stock is particularly strong...

Penny Stocks

The Top 5 Penny Stocks to Watch This Week with Gains Near 100%

The top penny stocks on the market can bring triple-digit profits in a very short period of time, and that's why we compiled this list of the five top penny stocks to watch this week.

Each of these top penny stocks has posted a double-digit gain this week, with one up almost 100% in just a matter of days...


Oil Prices Will More Than Double by 2017

Oil prices have gone through one of the worst oil crashes in modern history.

But we believe oil prices will more than double their current value by 2017.

Watch this video to find out what's going to fuel this historic rebound in oil prices...

Wall Street

How This New "Fear Gauge" Could Fix the VIX

If you follow the stock market, you know what the VIX is. It's the volatility index. But here's something you may not know: the VIX is about to face some competition – and with good reason.

Today, I want to take a closer look at what volatility is, show you exactly what the VIX does (and doesn't do), and tell you why now's the perfect time for a new, more modern approach to how we track volatility.

Let's get to it...


One of Today's Best "Recession-Proof" Stocks to Buy Now

The U.S. economy isn't in a recession yet. But you can easily prepare your portfolio for what's ahead by picking up one of the best recession-proof stocks to buy.

Investors usually favor the "sin" stocks – companies involved with alcohol, tobacco, and gambling – during economic downturns. The thinking goes: when the times are bad, people will more easily give into their vices.

But here's the thing - even the best "sin" stock doesn't compare to our best stock to buy...