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How to Invest in Tech Stocks After the Market Sell-Off

After hitting a record high of 5,231.91 on July 20, the tech-centric Nasdaq Composite has fallen 8.1% in just over a month.

That's why we turned to Money Morning Defense & Tech Specialist Michael A. Robinson for advice on how to invest in tech stocks now. He's a 30-year veteran of the tech market who's seen countless stock market corrections.

Here's his full strategy for investing in tech stocks following this week's sell-off...

Biotech Investing

Why Trillium (Nasdaq: TRIL) Stock Is a Buy After Earnings

Trillium Therapeutics Inc. (Nasdaq: TRIL) stock has dipped nearly 5% in the last week after the company reported a Q2 earnings loss of $0.80. Analysts had been predicting a loss of $0.75 for the quarter.

In the past three months, TRIL stock has now dipped 16.4%, and the poor earnings report only stoked the fears of nervous investors.

But despite its recent performance, TRIL stock is still one of the best biotech stocks to buy now. All because of this incredible cancer treatment...

Market Indicators

Warning: Silicon Valley Is Wrong About These High-Valued Private Companies

According to The Economist, the top 10 highest-valued private equity companies are valued at $156 billion despite having revenue of only $4 billion.

This makes each of the 19.5 thousand employees they have on staff worth $8 million, according to

Here's why that is so dangerous...

Stock Market Crash

Are We in a Tech Bubble?

The tech-centric Nasdaq Composite has fallen 2.6% since July 21, leaving many investors asking us, "Are we in a tech bubble?"

On July 20, the Nasdaq hit a record high of 5,231.94. Then, investors started worrying that tech stocks had become overvalued, and the downward pressure on the index began.

But there are two important things to remember when talking about a tech bubble...


Apple Car Rumors Suggest AAPL Is Really Doing This

Speculation about a potential Apple car again ran wild over the weekend, sparked by a report in The Guardian that the iPhone-maker had found a place where it could secretly test it.

It's tempting to think a self-driving, all-electric Apple car is in the pipeline. And without a doubt, Apple has the financial resources to pull it off. But strategically, it doesn't make sense.

Here's what AAPL is really working on...

Tech Investing

ARM Holdings (Nasdaq: ARMH) Stock Is a Discounted Tech Stock to Buy Now

One of our favorite tech plays at Money Morning, ARM Holdings Plc. (Nasdaq: ARMH) stock, is trading at a discount today.

ARMH stock has fallen 11.9% in the last month. But we're still bullish on ARMH shares. In fact, this is a great time to add to your position in ARMH stock.

Here's why we're still bullish on ARMH now...

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Your High-Profit Guide to the New "Convergence Economy"

By any measure, we've experienced an extraordinary bull run, with the S&P 500 soaring as high as 2,134.72 since it bottomed out at 676.53 on March 9, 2009.

But the real story is in the catalysts that led the markets to better than triple over that relatively short time – the story beyond quantitative easing, cheap-as-free money, and tax breaks.

Rather, these extraordinary gains have come from a group of "hot spots" that have given rise to the creation of an entirely new economy.

Many so-called "experts" haven't even realized that this phenomenon exists yet, but our position – on its leading edge – has given us gain after triple-digit gain since 2012, with profits of more than 130% on Avago Technologies and more than 612% on Ambarella.

We've done well already, but – as you're about to see during this interview with our tech expert, Michael Robinson – this radical new economy has trillions in upside remaining.

Let's look at where those profits will come from in the weeks ahead...

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What the Media Doesn't Get About Stock Market Bubbles

Since the last bona fide financial bubble, the real estate and credit bubble of 2007 to 2009, it seems like every time anyone pays a few pennies too much for a stock, there is a flock of analysts ready to start crowing "bubble!" like so many birds on a wire.

I believe that any pundit who calls a sector or market a "bubble" when they really mean "fundamentally or technically overbought" should be banished from pontificating until the real bubble appears.

And the charts I have to show you prove it...

Biotech Investing

This Bioscience Company Has "Nearly Limitless" Income Potential

Medical device companies can be profit-making machines – one manufacturer of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines and other high-tech products is up more than 250% over the past 12 months, for instance.

Most of them make their living by staying on the leading edge of innovation, producing some of the coolest gadgets you can imagine.

And, even better, they can deliver some of the most impressive gains in the bioscience industry to their shareholders.

The good performance of these manufacturers gives you some idea of the potential we're dealing with here.

Just look at these soaring share prices...

tech investing

After FIT Earnings, Should I Buy Fitbit Stock (NYSE: FIT)?

The first-ever Fitbit Inc. (NYSE: FIT) earnings report was released after the closing bell today (Wednesday).

The fitness-related wearable tech company easily beat projected top- and bottom-line numbers.

Here's everything you need to know about the company's second-quarter performance...

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