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5 Top CES Companies to Watch Now

The 2017 CES show is billed as the largest, most diverse event experience ever in the show's 50-year history.

Established tech companies and startups are showcasing their latest products.

With that in mind, we're featuring the five top CES companies and stocks to watch now...


How This 2017 Internet Blackout Could Tank the World’s Financial Markets

A 2017 Internet blackout will tank financial markets and put your money at risk, according to industry expert James Carder.

Here's what he sees coming and how you can protect your money right now...


Mark Cuban Implores Trump to Spend Billions on Robotics 

Mark Cuban implored Donald Trump to invest at least $100 billion in robotics yesterday.

Otherwise, the U.S. will fall far behind China's advancement...


It's Alibaba Singles' Day: The Biggest Day of the Year for BABA

Today is Alibaba Singles' Day, the biggest day of the year for BABA. The annual shopping extravaganza has already hit record numbers before the day even finished.

This year, more than 5,000 brands from more than two dozen countries competed.

Sales from this year's event are for the record books...


How to Profit from the Next Generation of Defense Tech

We've been talking about the defense "supercycle" of spending – set to last for at least a decade – that's only just beginning to ramp up. But there's one segment in this broad category that's already seeing huge amounts of increased spending.

Now, time was, this sector was more science fiction than actual, deployable technology. But an increase in computing speeds and a renewed focus on deploying "smart" technology means that this industry is actually in a supercycle inside a supercycle.

In fact, online research firm MarketsandMarkets projects that the $420 million market in 2014 will explode in the next five years to $5 billion – that's a CAGR of nearly 54% for the next five years.

Another study by anticipates an $8.3 trillion market by 2035 in the U.S. alone.

From $420 million to $8.3 trillion in just 20 years… Much of that windfall will come from one whale of a customer: the United States government.

I'm going to show you how to tap this growth dynamo quickly and easily, so you can get positioned for maximum upside as this trend takes off...


Why Is Tesla Stock Higher?

The Tesla stock price is surging today (Thursday), leaving some investors asking us why is Tesla stock higher.

Shares soared more than 5% to $213.70 in early trading.

Here's what's behind the Tesla stock surge today...


My Favorite Defense Play Just Bought a Turnkey Profit Generator

There's a sentiment among warfighters going all the way back to Sun Tzu's time that goes something like, "amateurs talk weapons and tactics, pros talk logistics."

Logistics are what make it possible to actually go somewhere and fight to achieve an objective. And it is hands down the most difficult, costly component of fighting. For every one soldier on the field, fighting, there must be dozens of support personnel in the rear, doing hundreds of tasks.

So for thousands of years, generals and military chiefs have always sought ways to make logistics easier, safer, and less expensive.

Well, they would have loved to get their hands on the disruptive technology I'm about to show you. I think it will likely change the way this country fights its wars forever.

And right now, the company that makes it is "on sale." It's been beaten down about 3.5% over the past few days, giving us a beautiful opportunity to add some more shares and keep our costs down.

These prices won't last long, though, once Wall Street gets wind of what's coming through...


Why the Netflix Stock Price Is Soaring This Week

The Netflix stock price is up more than 5% this week as the takeover rumors continue to gain steam.

Mulling bids for Netflix are a tech giant and media titan.

Here are the details and what you need to know about the Netflix stock price today...


A Pure Play for the "World War 3.0" Cyber Arms Race

President Obama and his generals have consistently put cybersecurity at or near the top of U.S. strategic defense priorities.

Ever since, the military and government have had their work cut out for them, fighting relentless, daily waves of computer attacks, in many cases against vital national interests.

The private sector is in the trenches, too, as state actors and individuals press attacks to get trade secrets or customer identity data.

Now, recent high-profile cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee, most likely by Vladimir Putin's intelligence services, have pushed the issue into "six o'clock news" territory.

But the problem goes so much deeper than the media is reporting. This country is embroiled in nothing less than a full-scale global cyberwar right now. There may not be any casualties (yet), but everything is up for grabs and the stakes are very high.

For instance, the cost of fighting this war is set to eclipse $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021, making the battlefield one of the largest new markets on earth.

I'm going to show you how you can profit from our efforts to win, but first let me peel back the curtain on a huge conflict that's largely hidden from public view...


One of the Best Investments Today in the $1 Trillion IoT Market

The IoT is the growing network of objects that can be connected to Internet and the communications that occur between the two.

It's an exciting space for individuals and a lucrative one for investors. In fact, the market is already worth roughly $1 trillion.

That's why we're sharing one of the best investments today in the space....