The Fed

The World's Two Most Legendary Traders Tipped Their Hand – Are You In?

These two legendary traders initiated massive bearish bets ahead of Yellen's speech in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

This is no coincidence. Here's why - and how you can profit, too...

Trading Strategies

The Secret to the Secret (of Big Profits)

Most investors can't predict the markets, but they don't need to.

This strategy is the secret to big profits - gains of 145%, 520%, and more - even in as a little as 10 years. Learn more here...

Trading Strategies

A Total Wealth Tactic to Trade Tesla Today

Many investors who believe in Tesla's long-term future can't bring themselves to buy now, but investing isn't a one-way street.

With this indicator, you can line up profits whether a stock moves up OR down...

Trading Strategies

Jim Chanos vs. Elon Musk – Here's How You Side with the Winner

TSLA is Jim Chanos' latest short target. Do you side with him… or Elon Musk?

Here we break down exactly what to do when a short seller targets a stock you love...

Trading Strategies

Double Your Money on the Metals Trade That's Even Hotter Than Gold Right Now

The beautiful, post-Brexit "Blue Light Special" on equities has been great news for every buyer – especially those who grabbed SPDR Gold Shares, which has gone as high as $131.15 this month.

The sale was really great, though, because it was followed by a monster rally that saw the major indexes hit highs.

However… like all good things, the market sale has most definitely come to an end.

If you had a chance to participate in some of these gains, congratulations – and get ready for more. On the other hand, if you missed out on any of it, don't worry…

Because I'm looking at a really juicy opportunity in gold's "baby brother" right now…

That's why this is the perfect time to put on this metals trade and potentially double your money before the breakout happens.

Trading Strategies

Record Highs Don't Mean Smooth Sailing

Despite hitting record highs, markets will remain volatile in the near term.

These five investing tactics will help you preserve (and build) your wealth in choppy seas...

Trading Strategies

Pay Less and Earn More Using These Three Simple Price Patterns

Securing a lifetime of wealth quickly and safely means never chasing after higher prices. With these continuation patterns, you can spot breakouts and breakdowns before they happen.

Learn more about the three most common price patterns here...

Trading Strategies

Never Miss Your Chance at Life-Changing Profits Again

Markets sell-off after events like Brexit, but savvy investors know chaos is an opportunity for profits.

And this order type is the perfect way to capitalize on any knee-jerk sell-offs...

Trading Strategies

Milk Earnings Season with the Stock Market's Most Lucrative Pattern

With the mixed expectations for this earnings season, expect markets to swing both higher and lower.

But you can still milk earnings for profits, despite any surprises. All you need is this classic trading pattern...


No Matter What's Next, These Can Save You from Brexit

Market uncertainty still lingers, even after the gradual bounce back from the Brexit fallout.

That will keep markets volatile - but no matter what happens, these should be your next steps from here...