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Why the Bitcoin Price Is Falling Today

The Bitcoin price plunged as much as 11% today (Friday) as the market reacted to a blog post by a former Bitcoin developer that said the digital currency had "failed."

The news sent the price of Bitcoin skidding below $400 from about $432 the day before. But a closer look at this Bitcoin news reveals that it's not the catastrophe it appears.

Here's what happened - and why it won't keep the Bitcoin price down for long...


The Bitcoin Price History Charts Every Investor Needs to See

The last two years of Bitcoin price history have a story to tell.

You see, Bitcoin was the best-performing asset in the world in 2015 – and by a long shot. The price of Bitcoin rose 35%, easily beating the next best asset, real estate investment trusts (REITS), which rose just 2.8%.

And apart from stifling Bitcoin's skeptics, this stunning reversal offers these key lessons about investing in general...


Why Bitcoin Price Predictions for 2016 Range as High as $3,500

With several expert Bitcoin price predictions for 2016 topping out at $3,500, the coming year will prove the worth of the digital currency once and for all.

It's quite a reversal from last year, when Bitcoin was sliding to below $200. These experts, mostly CEOs of Bitcoin companies, see the Bitcoin price rising from 300% to 800% from current levels of about $445.

Here's why these 2016 Bitcoin price predictions are so optimistic...


Bitcoin Price Volatility Is Back as $400 Comes and Goes Today

After taking most of 2015 off, Bitcoin price volatility has stormed back.

According to the CoinDesk Bitcoin Price Index, the last day of trading has seen a low of $355.81 and a high of $416.62 – a Bitcoin price level last seen nearly a year ago.

Just 45 minutes after hitting that high, the price of Bitcoin had fallen $39, a 9.38% drop.

Here's why the price of Bitcoin has suddenly taken flight...


Why the Bitcoin Price Hit a 2015 High Today

After meandering for most of the year in the $200 to $300 range, the Bitcoin price hit a 2015 high of $333.75 today.

While the price of Bitcoin dropped back to about $321 later, that's still a 36% increase over the past month. The Bitcoin price hasn't touched these levels since last December.

Here's what's behind this Bitcoin price rally...


The Bitcoin Price Move No One Predicted – and What It Tells Us

It has become an article of faith that the Bitcoin price is volatile.

And when Bitcoin burst into the public consciousness back in 2013, it was true. Bitcoin prices soared 8,500% in 2013 only to fall 85% by January of this year.

But after January, the price of Bitcoin did something neither the enthusiasts or the critics saw coming...


Why the Gemini Bitcoin Exchange Has Institutional Investors "Really Excited"

The Gemini Bitcoin exchange, one of several Bitcoin-related projects that the Winklevoss twins have in the pipeline, has obtained two key approvals from New York regulators.

Such regulatory approval is needed to build investor confidence in the Bitcoin exchange. But Gemini also has features tailored to institutional investors.

Here’s what will make the Winklevoss Bitcoin exchange so attractive…


Bitcoin News: Five Predictions for the Digital Currency in 2014

After Bitcoin exploded onto the financial world last year, it immediately became enveloped in controversy, with just as many predicting its imminent doom as were declaring it a revolutionary form of money.

The Bitcoin news in 2014 will have less drama but will be far more important to the fate of the digital currency.

Here's what 2014 has in store for Bitcoin...