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Wall Street


Technology Is Your "Workaround" for Wall Street's Rigged System

Technology is the key to wealth these days – and this subsector in particular is going to drive economic growth (and stock prices) for the next three years – at least.

In fact, the nation's leading CEOs consider this market their top tech priority today...

Wall Street

How to Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game – July 2016

Most investors believe that Wall Street is rigged in favor of the big traders and that they'll never win.

But you can beat the Street - it all comes down to understanding a principle called "Gambler's Ruin." Here's what you need to know...

Wall Street

Top Chipotle Exec and FOX Producer Just Busted in Wall Street Drug Ring

Yesterday, a top Chipotle exec was arrested amid a huge cocaine bust in NYC.

But he wasn't alone; there were other corporate fliers caught in the scandal...


The Real Reason Eric Holder Bats for Uber (Hint: Follow the Money)

Former U.S. attorney general Eric Holder is backing Uber against various policymakers, citing social injustices.

But he's not doing it for free - you just have to follow the money...

Wall Street

You'll Never Believe How Goldman Manipulated Tesla Stock

On May 18, Goldman Sachs upgraded Tesla stock from "Neutral" to "Buy"… hours before being revealed as a co-lead in a $2 billion secondary underwriting of TSLA stock.

This kind of market manipulation is more of the same for Goldman and its ilk. Here's everything you need to know about its latest financial engineering scheme...

Wall Street

Big Banks Could Implode Before They're Broken Up

Common sense and self-preservation tell you not to tangle with wounded animals; you're liable to get bitten… or worse.

And when that animal happens to be, say, nearly all of the "Too Big to Fail" banks in the country, everyone can get hurt.

That's exactly what's happening now. As you'll see, it resembles nothing less than a hungry snake eating its own tail, or a financial catch-22.

They benefit from central bank support, but the central banks are dangerously raising their risk profile. They thrive on capitalism, but competition is killing them. They need smart regulation, but they're getting tough regulation instead.

These are all serious problems that, by accident and design, are setting the global economy up for a system shock that will rival the financial crisis of 2008.

Make no mistake, these banks need to be curbed for our good, but that needs to happen in an orderly, systemic fashion.

These banks need breaking up, but it can't happen like this...

Wall Street

Why Investors Shouldn't Bother with Hedge Funds Anymore

They call Wall Street's big hedge fund managers the "Masters of the Universe," the ultra-wealthy, extremely powerful, undisputed lords of finance who seem to exist in a gilt world that consists solely of London W1, the Upper East Side of Manhattan, and Greenwich, Connecticut.

But… all is not well in the ivory tower. The "Masters of the Universe" just might be an endangered species.

The financial media has been pumping out stories about struggling funds, disgraced managers, and fleeing investors, all quoting high-profile critics of hedge funds. Even the old Occupy Wall Street gang, jarred by the media from their long nap, is back with a new movement: "Hedge Clippers."

That's not just noise. There's a good reason for the growing widespread discontent with the antics of Wall Street's legendary "hedgies." Investor patience is running out. 

But luckily for us, the hedge funds' fall from heaven is likely to be a godsend to independent investors.

But first, a full disclosure: I used to be a hedge fund manager, so I've got an insider's view on what's happening here, and it's going to be big...

Wall Street

The Big Banks Are Threatening the Global Economy Again – Here's What You Need to Know

Global powers increasingly rely on big banks to facilitate government borrowing, fund loans, and underwrite economic growth, among other things.

And once again, they're headed for trouble - here's how they could drag the entire global economy down with them...


You Won't Believe What Wall Street Gets Away with During Earnings Season

When it comes to earnings, everyone on Wall Street is playing a game with your money. It's called "hide the earnings" – and it's totally legal.

Here's how the Street gets away with it - and what it means for your investments...

Wall Street

Elderly Wall Street Criminal Slapped with 20-Year Prison Sentence

Wall Street criminal Stephen Walsh lost his appeal to have his hefty prison term overturned yesterday.

The former financial advisor managed to bilk investors of a combined $554 million along with a colleague of his.

Here's how the fraudster spent all that cash...