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You Won't Believe What Wall Street Gets Away with During Earnings Season

When it comes to earnings, everyone on Wall Street is playing a game with your money. It's called "hide the earnings" – and it's totally legal.

Here's how the Street gets away with it - and what it means for your investments...

Wall Street

Elderly Wall Street Criminal Slapped with 20-Year Prison Sentence

Wall Street criminal Stephen Walsh lost his appeal to have his hefty prison term overturned yesterday.

The former financial advisor managed to bilk investors of a combined $554 million along with a colleague of his.

Here's how the fraudster spent all that cash...

Wall Street

The Newest Fiduciary Rule Could Up Your IRA Fees (Among Other Things)

Starting next April, all brokers will work under a new fiduciary rule. Understanding this change could save you a fortune – and your retirement.

Get up to date with this breakdown of the new fiduciary rule, including what the rule changes are and how they'll impact your money...


The Worst Bet Wall Street Has Ever Made

Wall Street's $1 trillion short position is the biggest bet of its kind since at least 2008. This pessimism has created a lucrative profit opportunity.

To beat the pros, bet against them with this investment - it's already beaten the markets by 77% over the past two years...

Wall Street

Goldman Sachs' History of Baloney Settlements with Uncle Sam

Goldman Sachs' agreement to pay $5 billion at the government's behest on Monday is just another notch in Uncle Sam's loose belt.

In fact, the government has a history of lax settlements with the Wall Street investment leviathan.

Here's exactly why, once again, Goldman won't really suffer...

Wall Street

These Hidden Perks in the New Goldman Sachs Settlement Make Us Sick

Goldman Sachs settlement with the DOJ boasts a massive $5.1 billion payout.

But the deal's fine print suggests the Wall Street leviathan won't be paying nearly that much.

Here's a look at the tax credits and incentives Uncle Sam is granting Goldman Sachs...


New Bitcoin Price Prediction by Needham Puts Value at $655

Another Wall Street firm has made an eye-popping Bitcoin price prediction.

This time it's Needham & Company, which has issued a report that says the Bitcoin price should be $655, about 57% higher than the current price.

Better still, Needham sees demand for Bitcoin rising over the next four years.

And it came up with this surprisingly high Bitcoin price prediction for 2020...

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The Truth About Non-GAAP Earnings – You're Being Deceived

A growing number of Wall Street experts have become increasingly critical of companies highlighting adjusted earnings. Also known as non-GAAP, these adjusted earnings are repeatedly being used to deceive investors…

Here's why non-GAAP earnings differ so dramatically from GAAP earnings, and how you're being deceived...

Wall Street

Here's the Size of the Scam the Fed and U.S. Companies Are Pulling on Us

Stocks have been on a tear. After looking weak in February, they've soared close to 13% in a matter of weeks.

So why does it all feel like a magic trick? Why isn't the market rally giving investors any solid feelings? Why is everyone so nervous?

I'll tell you what's going on, who's responsible, and what you need to do now. Let's get started...

Trading Strategies

How You Can Beat Wall Street in 15 Simple Steps

I have misgivings about Wall Street. Their short-term trading distorts the energy markets, almost beyond recognition.

Indeed, the past year has shown clearly how disastrous such speculation can be. But there is a way to remedy this situation: You.

As a normal investor with a balanced, long-term view, you can stabilize the market. Just follow this simple 15-step strategy...