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The Truth About Non-GAAP Earnings – You're Being Deceived

A growing number of Wall Street experts have become increasingly critical of companies highlighting adjusted earnings. Also known as non-GAAP, these adjusted earnings are repeatedly being used to deceive investors…

Here's why non-GAAP earnings differ so dramatically from GAAP earnings, and how you're being deceived...

Wall Street

Here's the Size of the Scam the Fed and U.S. Companies Are Pulling on Us

Stocks have been on a tear. After looking weak in February, they've soared close to 13% in a matter of weeks.

So why does it all feel like a magic trick? Why isn't the market rally giving investors any solid feelings? Why is everyone so nervous?

I'll tell you what's going on, who's responsible, and what you need to do now. Let's get started...

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How You Can Beat Wall Street in 15 Simple Steps

I have misgivings about Wall Street. Their short-term trading distorts the energy markets, almost beyond recognition.

Indeed, the past year has shown clearly how disastrous such speculation can be. But there is a way to remedy this situation: You.

As a normal investor with a balanced, long-term view, you can stabilize the market. Just follow this simple 15-step strategy...

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Why This Indicator Is a Bullish Sign for the S&P 500

Morgan Stanley recently issued an alert saying that going long on the S&P 500 Index presented the best buying opportunity in 20 years.

That might sound absurd to some, but not to you. That's because I've been keeping you on top of profit-making opportunities before Wall Street catches on.

Today, I'm once again getting you out in front with a chart that shows you how the market has crossed another critical bullish threshold.

Very few people are talking about this yet. And that makes it a big opening for you...

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You'll Love This Politician's Quip on Wall Street

During last night's Democratic debate, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders said a few things about Wall Street that made us stop and think.

Whoa, we might actually agree with a politician about something.

Here's what Sanders had to say about Big Banks and their cronies on Capitol Hill...

Trading Strategies

How to Defeat Wall Street's Secret Weapon

For most investors, the relationship between investing and profits seems simple enough. You buy low, sell high, and your portfolio grows – or so goes the story.

In reality, success ultimately comes down to defeating Wall Street's secret weapon: something called "Gambler's Ruin."

Understanding what it is and how to beat it will give you an edge other investors would pay dearly to have. Not one in 250,000 understands it.

The difference between heartache and success comes down to this concept, so here's what you need to know...

Trading Strategies

How We Crushed Wall Street's Biggest Hedge Funds in 2015

It's possible that there is no such thing as a truly bad year for a hedge fund manager; Wall Street's "Masters of the Universe" enjoy a unique prestige, along with the best that New York and London have to offer.

Their performance doesn't warrant that mystique, though.

You see, in 2015 the hedge fund investors who entrusted their money to the "Masters" saw their worst returns in four years, according to BarclayHedge Alternative Investment Databases' Hedge Fund Index.

They saved a fortune in capital gains taxes, it's true, but those investors booked a paltry 0.31% on average. An investor placing $1 million under management with the "average" fund would have earned just $3,100 on that money.

That's $3,100 before fees, of course. In practice, investors pay the fund 2% of their principal for the privilege of having their money "managed" by one of those Masters of the Universe, along with a 20% performance fee that's typically over some hurdle rate or return on investment.

On Wall Street they call that the "Two and Twenty." We call it bad money after good. There's just no other polite way to describe paying $20,000 for the privilege of booking $3,100.

But… in that same year, we showed that research-driven, independent investment can bring returns that crush the "Masters of the Universe," many times over. In any market, too.

Here's how it's done...

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Warren Buffett Subsidiary's "Disturbing Business Model" Under Federal Investigation

On Tuesday, Warren Buffett's "disturbing business model" regarding his subsidiary companies' business practices was brought to Federal authorities' attention.

A handful of Democrats in the House Financial Services Committee are concerned that Clayton Homes in Tennessee is exploiting certain members of society.

Here's more on the investigation into how Buffett's mobile-home company does business...

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Why This "Expert" Advice from Wall Street Is Dead Wrong

In a fitting end to what was a disastrous 2015, The Wall Street Journal ran two articles on its "Opinion" page on the last day of the year that epitomize everything that is wrong with financial journalism in the "Age of Obama."

In short, both articles were an insult to independent thinking that demonstrate how far the mighty Wall Street Journal has fallen under the ownership of Rupert Murdoch.

Here's why these Wall Street "experts" are so far off the mark...

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I Warned You About "P2P Lending"… and I Was Right

Investors are better off borrowing from a P2P lending site than investing in any of them.

If you want to get an online loan, go for it – but don't waste your money betting on any of the sites being a home-run investment.

For now, you should keep your capital away from marketplace lenders. Here's why...