Will Hillary Clinton Drop Out of the Presidential Race?

Will Hillary Clinton drop out of the presidential race?

After her health scare yesterday, many pundits and media outlets are weighing that very real possibility...


25 Questions Hillary Clinton Must Answer Before Election Day

For the most part, Hillary Clinton has managed to dodge questions about how and why she used a private email server while she served as secretary of state.

But now a federal judge says she has only until the end of September to answer 25 pointed questions under oath about her long-running email scandal. The questions stem from a lawsuit by conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Here's the complete list of questions the group has posed to Hillary Clinton...


Gary Johnson: Who's Harriet Tubman… and What Is Aleppo?

Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson made an alarming verbal gaffe during an interview this morning.

It wasn't his first time slipping up like this...


What's Being Done to Stop the Spread of the Zika Virus in the U.S.?

The Zika virus has now been reported in the United States, with 35 locally contracted cases in Florida.

Now, federal officials are ramping up efforts to stop the mosquito-borne virus from entering the rest of the United States

Here's what they're doing...

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Bill Clinton’s “Trumpish” Immigration Speech Got a Standing Ovation in 1995

Twenty years ago, former President Bill Clinton gave a speech on immigration that sounds like it could have just as easily been delivered by Donald Trump.

Here's a look at how Clinton got a standing ovation for saying something that would get Trump jeered at today...


The New Amtrak Loan Is a $2 Billion Massive Waste of Your Money

Last Friday, Vice President Joe Biden hailed the government's $2.45 billion Amtrak loan as a "sound investment."

Here's why the deal is really anything but...


What Is the "Alt-Right"?

What is the "alt-right"?

Here's a look at the movement's ideas -- including its economic standpoints -- and why Clinton is trying to tie Trump to its cause...


Today's Federal Deficit Report Hints at Looming Financial Crisis in the U.S.

The projected federal deficit report was just released by the Congressional Budget Office.

Unfortunately, the United States' fiscal future looks somewhat grim...


How Trump and Clinton Economic Policies Affect Your Money

Trump and Clinton economic policies offer vastly different visions for the future of the U.S. economy.

And in terms of your income and investments, that could mean two different ways to handle your money...


Carl Icahn: Donald Trump Is Right on the Economy

Carl Icahn, Donald Trump's biggest friend on Wall Street, praised Trump on Tuesday for his economic speech.

Here's what the billionaire activist investor had to say about the real estate mogul turned presidential candidate...