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The Truth (About the Stock Market) Is Out There

Investors want to believe the Fed can support the stock market, and pundits are working hard to convince everyone that the bear market is over.

Don't fall it. This rally is unsustainable, and the Fed's forging monetary policy with flawed data that's doomed to fail.

Here's what's really going on in the markets right now - and what you should do about it...

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Why the 2016 Bear Market Will Soon Come Out of Hibernation

The way this earnings season is shaping up, a resurgence of the January bear market is virtually inevitable.

Both analyst estimates and guidance from the companies have been moving lower for weeks. Almost every sector is expected to see earnings shrink this quarter.

These numbers are sounding a warning investors can't afford to ignore.

When you see them, you'll understand why...


Why the VRX Stock Price Soared 15% Today – and What to Expect Now

The VRX stock price soared 15% to $29.91 today after the embattled drug company said no additional restatements are necessary after an internal audit.

The company now is facing anxious creditors of its $11 billion secured loans.

Valeant's woes are far from over...

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This Looks Like the 2008 Stock Market Crash All Over Again

U.S. markets logged their fifth straight week of gains last week, pushing the Dow and S&P 500 into positive territory for the first time in 2016. But despite those gains, the fears of a stock market crash are still very real.

In fact, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani says this rally reminds him of the one that preceded the 2008 stock market crash...

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3 Signs a Stock Market Crash Could Be Coming in 2016

U.S. markets have logged four consecutive weeks of gains, but investors shouldn't get too comfortable. In fact, we've spotted three signs a stock market crash could be coming in 2016…

But before we get to the stock market crash warning signs, here's what has been pushing markets higher...


WMT Stock Price Just Received This Major Bearish Warning for 2016

The WMT stock price is down 18.11% in the last year, and we just found another major bearish warning for the stock.

You see, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. (NYSE: WMT) is falling behind rivals in the explosive e-commerce marketplace despite heavy spending.

And that will have a major impact on the WMT stock price for the rest of the year...

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Bear Market 2016 Will Get Worse for One Major Reason

During a four-day rally last week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average climbed 490 points. And that was just the most recent surge in the index's 1,200-point recovery since its dismal start in early January.

While the signs of a rebound were encouraging, Money Morning experts say "bear market 2016" isn't close to being over.

"Despite some moderately positive economic news last week, the global economy remains depressed and the prospects for significantly higher stock prices are low," Money Morning Global Credit Strategist Michael Lewitt said.

Now, he sees one major reason bear market 2016 is going to only get worse...

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A Major New Stock Market Crash Warning Sign Was Just Revealed Today

Even though the markets have rebounded in the first week of March, we just received a major new stock market crash warning sign today (Monday).

The Bank for International Settlements warned today that there's a "gathering storm" in the global economy. According to the bank, the storm is the result of global governments exhausting their monetary policy options.

Fortunately, Money Morning experts have developed a plan for investors to protect their money during a stock market crash situation. But before we get to that, let's dig deeper into today's stock market crash warning...

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The Biggest Reason Bear Market 2016 Isn't Over

U.S. stocks have rebounded smartly after a crushing start to the year, but this is no time for investors to be complacent.

We have the biggest reason why bear market 2016 isn't over.

Keep reading for more...

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This Is Not the Start of Another Bull Market in 2016

Investors may be feeling better about markets after U.S. stock indexes closed Tuesday at their highest levels in nearly two months. But despite the recent gains, this is not the start to another bull market.

In fact, Money Morning experts see U.S. markets actually falling again in 2016. But before we get to their stock market predictions, here's why hopes of a bull market have returned...