Wall Street

3 Examples of Outrageous CEO Spending at the Expense of Shareholders

The more money the big wigs have, the more outrageous CEO spending habits start to become.

During the financial crash of 2008, one CEO decided it was a good time to use the company's money to buy a $1,405 trash can.

But when we did a little digging, we found out that even he wasn't the worst offender of ridiculous CEO spending...

Corporate America

10 Highest-Paid CEOs in the Nation

The highest-paid CEOs in America's 350 largest firms earned, on average, a whopping $16.3 million last year. This amount topped the 2013 average by $1.3 million.

Rising CEO compensation hasn't snuck past investors though – instead, it's become a rather controversial topic. Do these boss hogs really deserve such colossal salaries?

Here's a look at the highest-paid CEOs in America and how they compare to their companies' performance...

Women in Business

The Richest Women CEOs in Business Today

The richest women CEOs earned their spots battling through the macho business world with grace, poise, and gumption.

They're all worth several million dollars – some are worth more than a billion.

Here are five of the richest women CEOs in the business world today...

Tech Investing

23 Facts About Elon Musk from His Reddit AMA and Beyond

SpaceX founder and CEO Elon Musk took time out Jan. 5 for an interactive "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) session on Reddit.

Musk, also CEO and founder of Tesla Motors Inc. (Nasdaq: TSLA), and cofounder of PayPal Inc., was peppered with questions from Reddit users. The online Q&A session attracted more than 8,000 comments over a few hours. Questions ran the gamut from personal to technical to trivial.

Why did so many hop on to Musk's AMA? Musk is a visionary. He was at the forefront of the digital payments revolution with PayPal. He shook up the traditional auto market with Tesla's luxury electric car line. He has transformed space travel with SpaceX. Indeed, NASA awarded SpaceX a $2.6 billion contract in September 2014 to transport U.S. astronauts to and from the International Space Station.

Here are 23 facts about Musk, including gems from last week's AMA, to give you a good idea of who this entrepreneur really is...