Dangerous Stocks


Why the Etsy Stock Price Won't Recover from All-Time Lows

The Etsy stock price hit an all-time low this week.

Shares of the online marketplace cratered as early investors sell their shares following the end of the company’s lock-up period.

This is just the latest indication that Etsy stock is in for another rough year in 2016...


What's Next for the BHP Stock Price After Today's 5% Drop

Amid a pending lawsuit and challenged commodity landscape, the BHP stock price hit a 10-year low today.

Investors are now questioning what's next for the beleaguered mining giant.

What's next likely won't be pretty...


Is the Square IPO Valuation Justified? (NYSE: SQ)

After the deal hits the market, the Square IPO valuation will be about $4.2 billion.

How is an unprofitable company like Square valued at $4.2 billion?

It's because Square belongs to a growing group of private tech startups with bubble-worthy valuations...


Four Stocks to Short Today

Conventional wisdom is that "rising water raises all boats," but that's not always the case.

Despite October's market rebound, all four of the companies I told you were ripe for failure are down double digits since I brought them to your attention as stocks to short.

And these stocks still have plenty of downside ahead. Here's how to play the situation...

Investing Tips

Don't Let Stocks Like These Tempt You

When I'm investing, I like to have a good idea of the economic value produced by the companies I invest in.

Not because I'm a great fan of "social investing" — I'll happily buy tobacco company shares if the yield's good enough and the consumption trend is solid — but because there are a lot of dangerous stocks out there that are simply tricks of the market.

Sometimes short-term factors make a company very profitable for a while and then suddenly disappear. Those are the companies – and sectors — where investing is dangerous.

And that's what I'm going to tell you about today.