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These "Tax Haven" Companies Have the Most Profits Stashed Overseas [CHART]

The use of tax havens has become an increasingly popular way for U.S. companies to avoid paying tax on profits earned in foreign nations.

But while the practice is widespread, just 30 companies account for 65% of the money stashed offshore – a whopping $2.2 trillion as of last year.

Here's a list of those companies - and why this hasn't been fixed...


Investing in Bitcoin Can Protect Your Money from Today's Biggest Threats

While investing in Bitcoin was on the minds of just a brave few a couple of years ago, now it's a safe-haven option retail investors no longer can afford to overlook.

Money Morning expert Michael A. Robinson likes to call Bitcoin "digital gold" because it can play an investing role similar to that of the yellow metal.

But Bitcoin investing has advantages that even gold lacks...


This Apple Stock Price Prediction Sees Shares Hitting $200

The average analyst Apple stock price prediction right now is $121.95.

But Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald thinks that target is too low. He has an Apple stock price target of $200, despite a slide that has chopped 20% from the AAPL price over the past year.

Fitz-Gerald's thinking is based on a quickly growing part of Apple's business that most analysts have ignored.

Here's how this segment will lead Apple stock to $200...


Should I Vote for the Libertarian Party for President in 2016?

In an election in which a majority of voters would rather not vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, the Libertarian Party ticket of Gary Johnson and William Weld may get serious consideration.

Both men are former two-term Republican governors, giving them more credibility than your typical third-party candidate.

Their main obstacle is that few voters know who they are or what the Libertarian Party stands for.

So here's a quick-hit guide to the Libertarian platform...


Hillary Clinton Has a "University Problem" of Her Own That Nobody's Talking About

While Hillary Clinton has been quick to criticize Trump University, she has her own skeleton in the for-profit college closet.

You see, for five years Bill Clinton had a well-paying association with Laureate Education -the biggest for-profit college in the world.

Now Hillary Clinton is promising to "crack down" on for-profit colleges, but she had little to say while her husband raked in millions in payments from Laureate.

The deeper you dig into the this, the worse it looks...


How Super PACs Flout U.S. Election Laws

The fundraising machines known as super PACs have few rules to follow, but they flout even those.

From illegal donations from federal contractors to coordination between the super PACs and the campaigns, the flagrant violations of U.S. election law grow more pronounced with each election cycle.

Here's how the super PACs get away with it - and why the lawbreaking will only get worse...


Why Saudi Arabia Doesn't Need Oil to Blackmail America

Unhappy about a 9/11-related law working its way through Congress, Saudi Arabia has threatened to dump $750 billion in U.S. assets if it passes.

While Saudi Arabia might well hurt itself economically by carrying out the threat, the Saudi royal family will feel pressure to maintain its honor. It's a possibility investors can't afford to dismiss.

If it gets so far that Saudi Arabia feels the need to start selling, this is what would happen...


Best Tech Stocks to Buy Now to Profit from This $6 Trillion Market

When looking for the best tech stocks to buy, the Internet of Things is a great place to start.

As with earlier revolutions in tech, such as the arrival of PCs or the Internet, the Internet of Things will prove lucrative for many companies new and old.

While many companies will benefit from this $6 trillion opportunity, the best tech stocks to buy belong to one sector in particular.

Here's where to find them - and our four top picks...


Is Microsoft Stock a Buy After 2016 Q3 Earnings?

With the Microsoft stock price edging close to its all-time high, the Q3 earnings due out tomorrow (Thursday) will tell us a lot about how much higher shares will go.

Because the company has beat expectations for 10 quarters running, the odds are high Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) will again beat the Street when it reports tomorrow (Thursday).

Here's why MSFT stock remains a buy, and what investors need to keep an eye on in the Q3 earnings report...


Why AAPL Stock Is a Buy After "Snoozer" Event

AAPL stock has reacted to Monday's Apple Event news pretty much like the tech media did – with a big yawn.

But most people have completely missed the significance of what Apple is doing.

That reading of the debut of the iPhone 5SE greatly underestimates Apple's plans. It's part of a grand strategy that will boost earnings m

Here's how...