2016 Election


The Latest Target in the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal – Colin Powell

The Hillary Clinton email scandal has taken another twist, and this time it involves Colin Powell.

Here's the story behind Clinton's latest accusation...


How GOP Bogeyman George Soros Slowed Trump's Roll with $27 Million

George Soros' political largesse knows no bounds.

He's spending on the liberal agenda like never before.

And this time he's taking a different approach...


Media Wrong, Trump Right on Crime Stats in RNC Acceptance Speech — We Checked

Donald Trump's RNC acceptance speech had a lot of truth in it.

But the talking point monkeys won't admit it.

Just look at how much they're struggling...


How Hillary Clinton Benefits from Mike Pence as Trump VP

Hillary Clinton has almost as many similarities with Trump's VP pick as Trump himself.

And that's a fact that Clinton could easily use in her favor.

Here's how...


Trump's Deportation Plan Would Cripple the Economy – Says Hillary Clinton Mouthpiece

Donald Trump's deportation plan could cost Uncle Sam hundreds of billions of dollars.

At least, according to one very vocal Hillary Clinton mouthpiece...


Stop What You're Doing Unless You're Okay with the FBI Knowing Every Detail

You don't have to be on a terrorist watch list to be targeted.

And your identity, including bank account numbers, entire browser history, and more, is at stake...


Hillary Clinton Student Loan Plan Could Cost Uncle Sam $1 Billion

The "Hillary Clinton Student Loan Plan" will be announced today.

While it has a lot of perks, the proposal will also likely cost Uncle Sam $1 billion...

2016 Election

How the 2016 Presidential Election Will Impact Stock Markets

The National Association of Business Economics survey released earlier this summer shows that many economists are still pessimistic about U.S. economic growth.

And the reason? The 2016 presidential election.

Here's everything you need to know about how the 2016 presidential election will impact stock markets...


Trump and Clinton Use the U.S. Economy as Attack Ammunition

Both Trump and Clinton are making the U.S. economy ammunition for their latest attacks on each other.

Here's a look at the word-bombs they're lobbing...


Yes, Donald Trump's Fundraising Numbers Are Weak – but He's Not Worried

It's true, Donald Trump's fundraising sums are weak – much weaker than Hillary Clinton's.

But contrary to mainstream media reports, the bombastic billionaire's campaign is far from dying...