Decision 2016: This Choice Will Create Wealth… No Matter Who Wins the White House

No matter who wins the White House in decision 2016, this tech investment will protect you against Washington's malfeasance – and fatten your portfolio…

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OPEC Needs This One Country to Boost Oil Prices – and They're About to Cave In

Some of the most closely watched events at the upcoming International Energy Forum meeting in Algiers will be the "side-bar" conversations between OPEC members and other non-OPEC producers.

Expect more talk about "production stability" – that is, a production cap or freeze to boost oil prices.

But no production cap will be possible without one country in particular.

And it now has an urgent reason to push for a deal to support higher prices...


This "Hybrid Breakthrough" Could Reshape the Entire Energy Sector

Grid parity remains renewable energy's "holy grail."

But this recent proposal for a "hybrid" approach could revolutionize the entire U.S. energy sector...


OPEC Is Now in the "Danger Zone" – Just as Arab Spring II Is Coming…

As OPEC divides itself into "haves" and "have-nots," the cartel is opening the door for global chaos.

These countries will be the first to fall...


How to Survive the Fed and Thrive into Retirement

The Fed's plan to pump markets to new highs has worked – at the cost of your savings.

But with these three steps, you can thrive your way into retirement...


How Florida's Algae Blooms Are About to Turn into an Energy Boom

The algae in Florida's Lake Okeechobee is as much an energy opportunity as it is an environmental crisis.

Here's how this toxic slime could revolutionize fuel...

Trading Strategies

Popular Ways to "Beat the Market" Could Leave You Broke

"Beating the stock market" is a thriving cottage industry. There are thousands of books out there – some New York Times best-sellers – that promise to reveal that one method that just magically delivers market-crushing returns, each and every time.

The problem is… there is no "one way" to beat the stock market. Maybe if the entire market was one investor somehow moving one stock in one direction for one reason, there might be.

Besides, even if you had some luck following that "one" tactic or system, it makes no sense to use a static approach to a dynamic problem. You actually stand to lose money that way.

So forget those hundreds of "only ways" you've seen to beat the markets.

Instead, I'll show you exactly what to look at to determine the direction a stock is heading, how much money you can make, and how long you have to capture those profits.

It's a solid approach no matter how experienced you are – and one that works in any market environment.

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The Fed

How Near-Zero Interest Rates Are Killing the Economy and Threatening Your Retirement

The Fed's low interest rates are killing savers and retirees, costing them more than $470 billion in interest income.

And this "financial repression" is about to get even worse. Here's how...


This "Rooftop War" Will Determine the Future of the Solar Industry

Nevada's "rooftop war" has already cost its solar industry more than 90,000 jobs – but the effects don't stop at the state border.

What's happening in the Silver State will shape the future of solar in the U.S. Here's what you need to know...

Trading Strategies

The Best Way to Profit from These Mixed-Message Markets

These twisted markets are the perfect setup for this trading strategy.

It's cheap, with high reward and low risk no matter which direction markets move next...