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Capitalism Might Not Survive the Fed's Next "Big Idea"

At the Fed's Jackson Hole symposium last month, there were strong hints from Fed Chair Janet Yellen and Vice Chair Stanley Fischer that they want to raise rates in the near future, but they have broken such promises before.

Those broken promises are likely what lead investors to continue their staggering complacency, and they missed some very disturbing noises about the Fed's plans to deal with the next recession.

These plans are unconstitutional and dangerous, but they're only the next step in a quiet revolution that's already being waged by central banks worldwide.

Credulous, complacent investors put themselves at risk of catastrophic losses as this "revolution" moves further along toward its only logical conclusion…

The wholesale destruction of free markets – and the wealth that people have parked there…

But it's the Fed's most recent move that could destroy everything. Here's the best move you can make in this environment to protect your money...

The Fed

How a Single Word from the Fed Can Wipe Out Markets

The Committee to Destroy the World opened is hydra-headed mouth one too many times last week.

The result was the biggest drop in stocks since Brexit.

The Dow Jones Industrial average fell nearly 400 points or 2.1% on Friday while the S&P 500 dropped nearly 54 points or 2.5% and the Nasdaq Composite Index also shed 2.5% and nearly 134 points.


Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slides as Fed Rate Hike Odds Increase

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today fell another 53 points today as investors continue to keep a close eye on the actions of the Federal Reserve in Jackson Hole.

Here's everything else that was moving markets today, and the top investing tips from our team of gurus...

the fed

The Federal Reserve Rate Policy Disaster Will Hit These Groups the Hardest

The Federal Reserve rate policy is having a huge negative effect on the economy.

In fact, Money Morning Capital Wave Strategist Shah Gilani says it's a disaster waiting to happen.

And if you're one of these two types of people, it could affect your bank accounts...

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Here's When the Next Federal Reserve Interest Rate Hike Could Happen

FOMC minutes from the July 26-27 meeting suggested an interest rate increase is possible as early as September.

But with voting members decidedly divided, a Federal Reserve interest rate hike next month looks highly unlikely.

In fact, an interest rate increase this year is questionable at best...


This Is Like Rocket Fuel for One of My Favorite Short Plays

In an extraordinary week that saw Donald Trump anointed as the Republican nominee for president with a genuine chance at winning the November election, and Roger Ailes kicked out of FOX News for allegedly sexually harassing one of the women on which he built his conservative infotainment empire, we also witnessed a far darker event that has become all too ordinary: a mass shooting at a Munich shopping mall that killed nine and injured more than 16 innocent civilians, mostly teenagers.

Markets, of course, were unfazed by all of these signs of genuine upheaval in the political and media status quo as well as growing threats to public safety.

And frankly, until somebody launches a political attack that throws central bankers off their current course, it appears that little will dissuade investors from voting with their pocketbooks – and that is an extremely dangerous prospect because their pocketbooks are not using their heads.

If investors smartened up, they'd see these events for what they are...

Trading Strategies

Thanks to the Fed, $1300 Gold Is Just the Start

Markets continued to worry about the upcoming Brexit vote while witnessing another version of the Federal Reserve's ongoing revival of Hamlet.

Something is indeed rotten in "Denmark," aka the Fed's headquarters in D.C.' Marriner Eccles Building – namely that the central bank has no clue what it is doing and appears hell-bent on driving the U.S. economy (and the rest of the world) over a cliff.

Janet Yellen said it herself...

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FOMC Meeting Today – What Team Yellen Just Doesn't Understand

The FOMC concluded its policy meeting today with its latest policy statement and economic and interest rate projections.

As expected, the central bank left rates unchanged and turned more dovish.

Here's what investors need to know and what our experts have to say about the Fed's actions in 2016...

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FOMC Meeting Today – What Investors Must Know Now

The June FOMC meeting will conclude today (Wednesday, June 15).

It's widely expected there won't be any change to interest rate policy today.

But there's one thing investors should keep an eye on when the Fed makes its big announcement...

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Three Things to Watch Ahead of the FOMC Meeting – and One Way to Profit

Jobs and GDP won't be the main topics at this week's FOMC meeting. The Fed's watching these three metrics instead – and you should be, too.

Here's everything you need to know - as well as the best way to play the impending market panic...