These "Tax Haven" Companies Have the Most Profits Stashed Overseas [CHART]

The use of tax havens has become an increasingly popular way for U.S. companies to avoid paying tax on profits earned in foreign nations.

But while the practice is widespread, just 30 companies account for 65% of the money stashed offshore – a whopping $2.2 trillion as of last year.

Here's a list of those companies - and why this hasn't been fixed...

Wall Street

Why This CEO Wants to Cancel Earnings Season Forever

This didn't exactly make the news, but in July, financial chieftains, including Berkshire Hathaway's Warren Buffett, BlackRock's Larry Fink, and JPMorgan Chase's Jamie Dimon, got together to talk corporate governance practices.

A noncontroversial topic, right?

Well… no. According to the Financial Times, Fidelity Investments, the $2.2 trillion asset manager, up and walked out of a Dimon-led effort to codify some best practices for American boardrooms.

So it seems some of finance's heaviest hitters are divided on the subject of good governance.

Nevertheless, the group released nine-page paper, "Commonsense Corporate Governance Principles."

And in it we have a clue as to just what it is that has these titans of finance so divided…

What's more, if these guidelines are widely adopted, investing will change, for everyone from JPMorgan on down to individual investors.

And most likely not at all for the better...


Fitbit Stock Price Soars Today – Should You Buy FIT Now?

The Fitbit stock price soared 9% to $14.65 today after posting better than expected Q2 2016 earnings and revenue.

With shares still down 51% year to date, is this the time to buy FIT?

Here's the answer...


Should I Buy Fitbit Stock After Q2 Earnings?

Shares of Fitbit stock are down more than 50% this year.

The plunge in the FIT stock price has investors asking if the wearable tech firm is poised for a rebound.

Here's where shares of Fitbit stock are headed after the Q2 earnings report today...


Should I Buy Exxon Mobil Stock After Q2 Earnings?

Exxon Mobil stock has gained nearly 16% year to date, making it one of the best-performing oil stocks of 2016.

Even if the company beats earnings today, we recommend avoiding XOM stock this year.

Here's one big reason why...


Floundering Twitter Still Rewards Leaders with Outrageous Executive Compensation

It's not shocking that tech executives earn millions of dollars.

But what is truly shocking is when executives earn millions of dollars and the company is losing money.

While Twitter stock has plummeted 78% over the last three years, executives are being handed hundreds of millions of dollars. Frankly folks, it's truly disgusting...


Netflix Stock Price Today Tanks 13% – Is This a Buying Opportunity?

The Netflix stock price tanked 13% to $85.52 today after Q2 results disappointed.

A pressing question now for investors is if this is a buying opportunity.

We answer that below...

Trading Strategies

Milk Earnings Season with the Stock Market's Most Lucrative Pattern

With the mixed expectations for this earnings season, expect markets to swing both higher and lower.

But you can still milk earnings for profits, despite any surprises. All you need is this classic trading pattern...


Should I Buy Fitbit Stock After Q1 Earnings?

Fitbit stock is up over 15% since April 4 and is beating tech giants like Apple stock.

But some investors worry Fitbit doesn't have long-term growth potential.

Here's whether or not you should buy FIT stock ahead of its earnings report...


Don't Get Scammed by Financial Engineering This Earnings Season

Wall Street is playing a game with your money.

And just about everyone on the Street is in on it… Analysts, financial media, data compilers, CEOs are all working in concert to obscure the information you need to make the most fundamentally important investment decision of all: to buy or to sell.

The game is "hide the earnings," and, naturally, its sole purpose is to make corporate earnings look better (often a lot better) than they actually are. After all, central banks, macro events, and existential crises all impact share prices, but it's earnings that really drive them. 

If it all sounds like a con, well… it is. A perfectly legal one, pulled off with "creative accounting" that puts dubious non-GAAP earnings ahead of consistent, reliable generally accepted accounting principles-derived earnings.

So today, I'm going to name names and tell you about one of the biggest culprits this earnings season.

And, since it's very likely you own these shares, I'm going to show you a really simple calculation you can use to get to the truth, because you certainly can't expect it from Wall Street...