Did Donald Trump Bribe a Would-Be Trump U. Investigator?

Did Donald Trump try to bribe Florida AG Pam Bondi over the Trump U. case?

News reports that emerged just this morning point to "yes, indeed"...


When Will the FBI Release the Hillary Clinton Interview?

When Will the FBI release the Hillary Clinton interview?

After all, everyone wants to know how the bureau came to its decision not to recommend indictment of the Democratic presidential nominee, despite her apparent breaches of national security.

Here's what we know...


What Is the "Alt-Right"?

What is the "alt-right"?

Here's a look at the movement's ideas -- including its economic standpoints -- and why Clinton is trying to tie Trump to its cause...


How This Disruptive Technology Could Save U.S. Elections

Most states rely on voting machines 10 to 15 years old, opening the door for flawed or rigged elections.

But this disruptive technology could fix everything...


Roger Stone: I Have Intel on Julian Assange's "October Surprise" for Clinton

Controversial off-the-books Trump adviser Roger Stone had more scandalous revelations to share this past weekend.

Here's what he revealed about exiled WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange's "October Surprise" for Hillary Clinton...


The Latest Target in the Hillary Clinton Email Scandal – Colin Powell

The Hillary Clinton email scandal has taken another twist, and this time it involves Colin Powell.

Here's the story behind Clinton's latest accusation...


Is Ivanka Trump's Next Job in the White House?

Ivanka Trump is known for her executive role in the Trump Organization and fashion lines.

But her next job could be in the White House.

In an interview, Donald Trump was asked if he had any women in mind for a cabinet position. He said there were a lot of great choices, but the only person he specifically named was Ivanka...


Beijing to Donald Trump: China-Bashing Is "Futile" and "Dangerous"

Are the Donald Trump "China-bashing" days coming to an end?

One Beijing news outlet issued a stern warning stating that they had better - and soon...


How a Hillary Clinton Presidency Throws U.S. Workers to the Wolves

U.S. workers beware: a Hillary Clinton presidency could mean a flip-flop on this super "hot button" issue this November that will potentially lose millions of American jobs…

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Here's a List of Establishment Republicans Rigging the Presidential Election Against Trump

Establishment Republicans have recently made a very public push to disavow Donald Trump.

Some have even gone so far as to openly back Hillary Clinton...