Do you live in one of America's "Chosen Communities?"


Scattered across the country in places like Wyoming, West Virginia, Ohio, and Montana... there are a group of communities that are unlike any others...

These communities are not located in one particular region. They aren't known for having top Universities, large corporations or for being tourist attractions. Most of them are amongst the poorest, most desolate in the country.

But right now, these "chosen communities" are being blessed by a miracle from God and many of their residents are being rewarded with a lifetime of prosperity.

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Not Everyone Will Benefit

But these “chosen communities” are not everywhere. And they certainly aren’t affecting many of America’s richest states and largest cities…

In fact, since 2007 the average income for people living in metropolitan areas has fallen by 3.5%. In Manhattan, for example, it has dropped 5.3%. Other cities like Detroit and Chicago are going broke due to union demands, pension obligations, high taxes, and other big-government policies.

Unemployment rates in New York and California are now amongst the highest in the country. Deeply blue states like Illinois, Maryland and New Jersey are losing billions of dollars in personal income taxes as residents flee to lower taxed states.

If you live in any one of these areas, you may never witness this miracle for yourself. But if you live in, or near one of America’s “chosen communities” you now have the opportunity to become very rich, very quickly.

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Ever heard of Sully County? Located in the Midwest, Sully has been desolate since it was founded in 1883. There is one grocery store, one gas station, four restaurants and a total of only 1,420 inhabitants (30% of whom are farmers). The average home is worth $76,000, a full 140% lower than the national average.

But Sully County is also one of America's "chosen communities." That's why over the past four years Sully County's residents have seen a 70.4% growth in their per capita income. In 2013, it was at $116,067.

Or what about Karnes County?

In 2008, Karnes County was the poorest non-border county in Texas. Most people were still scraping by on ranching, prison jobs or dry-land farming of corn and grain. Local pharmacist Paul Berman admits: "There was a lot of welfare, lots of Medicaid and lots of stomach worms because of the poverty."

But recently, Karnes County became one of America's "chosen communities." The impact this has had on local residents has been unprecedented...

Deposits at local bank have doubled in the last three years. The county's tax base has increased by 450% in the last two years. The value of prime commercial real estate has jumped TENFOLD. And an untold number of people have now become multimillionaires.

"It is the American Dream personified," says Herb Hancock, the county's newly elected attorney. "A kid can leave a $40,000 overtime job at the prison and make over $100,000."

Unless you lived in America during the roaring 20s, you probably never thought this kind of wealth growth still existed.

But the thing is, you don't have to live in a "chosen community" to benefit from the miracle. Whether you reside in a big city on the East Coast or a rural area in the Midwest, you can now profit from alongside these "chosen communities" every year for the rest of your life.

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