Economic War Brewing Among 5 States


Until now, "Operation BlueStar" has been kept hidden from the public by members of Congress, governors of five states, and major silicon heavyweights.

But by 2015 it will impact 98% of the U.S. population.

Forbes describes the end game of what's been put in motion as "world-changing," with initial estimates projecting a $737 billion disruption to the U.S. economy.

Yet, few Americans have any idea what Operation BlueStar is, or how this secret technology project will transform America.

That's why 34-year Silicon Valley insider Michael Robinson performed his own investigation into it.

What he's unearthed are five shocking facts about Operation BlueStar:

1) Operation BlueStar involves a top-secret base 3X larger than the National Mall

This special investigation reveals the exact location of this unbelievable tech project, which is projected to span 1,000 acres and include a 10-million square foot facility. Even at 3X larger than the National Mall, this is still America's most top-secret base.

2) Operation BlueStar will impact 98% of Americans by 2015

If you live anywhere near one of these red dots you will feel the direct effects of Operation BlueStar by 2015. Already, five states are engaged in an economic war for control of the project. For the latest details, go here.

3) The key technology for Operation BlueStar was discovered in a golf cart

The key piece of technology used in Operation BlueStar was actually discovered 24 years ago, by J.B. Straubel while salvaging junk at a local scrap yard.

4) Operation BlueStar could revolutionize the automotive industry

Morgan Stanley released its own investigation and determined that, "We are witnessing the most disruptive intersection of manufacturing, innovation and capital experienced by the auto industry in more than a century."

Forbes believes "a revolution, a true disruptor" is coming.

5) Operation BlueStar is the equivalent of "reinventing fire"

Wired Magazine believes Operation BlueStar will usher in "a truly transformative revolution." And top military think tank, the Rocky Mountain Institute, described its impact as the equivalent of "reinventing fire."

Editor's Note: One company holds the key to the entire project. But none of this would be impossible without the technology owned by the firm's "silent partner." The identity of both companies and everything you need to know about Operation BlueStar can be found in this exclusive presentation.