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Our Facebook Stock Price Analysis Shows Major New Catalyst

We discovered a new billion-dollar revenue source in our Facebook stock price analysis.

The new revenue source is Facebook chatbots, which are programs designed to make buying products, ordering food, and traveling easier.

Just from providing customer support and handling transactions, Facebook could net an additional $4 billion from chatbots. But we think it will add even more to an already massive revenue source...


The Facebook Stock Price Will Keep Climbing Despite Rocket Explosion 

Investors were rattled when a rocket carrying a Facebook Inc. (Nasdaq: FB) satellite exploded on Thursday, Sept. 1, causing a short-term drop in the Facebook stock price. Immediately after the accident, Facebook stock dropped slightly (0.6%) to an intraday low. But since then it has rebounded and is now trading at record highs of $129. […]

We breakdown everything you need to know. But we also show you why the FB stock price could net you gains as high as 97% by 2020...


3 of the Best Stocks to Buy in September 2016

September is historically the worst month for stock markets, so investors need to be selective.

And with markets trading near record levels, bargains are hard to find.

That's why we are sharing the three best stocks to buy now for September 2016...


The FB Stock Price Just Received Another Major Catalyst

The FB stock price is trading near all-time highs, which is a turn off for value investors.

Facebook stock is already up 20% in 2016, and some believe there isn't much room left to make a profit.

But once again, Wall Street missed a major catalyst that is going to help this tech stock skyrocket. Here's everything you need to know...


What Yogi Berra Can Tell Us About Zuckerberg’s Facebook Plans

New York Yankees legend Yogi Berra will go down in history as one of the greatest catchers who ever played the game.

He captured 10 World Series titles as a player, was a three-time American League MVP, and won pennants in both leagues as a manager, too.

But his Hall of Fame career isn't all that this baseball icon, who passed away last year, is remembered for.

Many also remember him for his "Yogi-isms," his short and often confusing words of wisdom or funny sayings that mashed a few different ideas together.

These include "It's like déjà vu all over again," "You can observe a lot by just watching," and "Even Napoleon had his Watergate."

These aren't just funny one-liners.

They have real-life applications.

In fact, one of my favorite Yogi-isms can be applied to one of my absolute favorite tech stocks right now.

Let me show you...


Our Facebook Stock Price Analysis Shows Market-Beating Gains in September

After reviewing a Facebook stock price analysis, we made a shocking discovery.

In fact, it was so shocking that we had to make sure we got this report out before September.

You see, we discovered a trend that means by buying FB stock now, you could lock in some major profits by the end of September. Here's everything you need to know...


Here's What the Facebook Stock Split Will Look Like

In June, shareholders approved a Facebook stock split.

The company will create a new class of share, but shareholders will lose their voting power.

And on the day of the FB stock split, the Facebook stock price will drop by nearly 70%. So before it happens, shareholders will want to read this to prepare themselves...


When Is the Facebook Stock Split Date?

The Facebook stock split vote passed, but we still don't have an official date for when the split will actually occur.

Many shareholders were hoping CEO Mark Zuckerberg would provide more insight in his Q2 2016 earnings call, but that never happened.

But because another tech company completed a split a few years back, we have an idea of when it may happen. We'll share when the split might happen, as well has how to play FB stock before the split, right here...


Should I Buy Facebook Stock After Q2 2016 Earnings?

The Facebook stock price is up over 15% so far in 2016, and shareholders anxiously await the results for Q2 2016.

Wall Street always sets the bar high for Facebook, but the social media giant continues to crush revenue expectations quarter after quarter.

Today, we will share everything you need to know about Facebook's Q2 2016 earnings announcement. But more importantly, we will reveal our tech guru's price target. You can't afford to miss this...


Ahead of Facebook Stock Split, This Is How You Play FB

You won't hear much about the Facebook stock split in the mainstream media.

Shareholders voted to approve the split on June 20, making sure that no one could challenge CEO Mark Zuckerberg's voting power.

And if you own Facebook stock or are thinking of investing, we wanted to make sure you are prepared ahead of the official Facebook stock split date. Here's everything you need to know...