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The Biggest Reason to Avoid Ferrari Stock After Earnings

Ferrari NV (NYSE: RACE) reported mixed Q4 results and uninspiring guidance Tuesday, sending Ferrari stock sinking more than 15% to an all-time low of $34.03. At today's low, the Ferrari stock price is now down more than 44% from its all-time high.

But there's a bigger reason Money Morning experts recommend avoiding Ferrari stock in 2016, aside from today's earnings report.

But first, here are today's earnings figures...


What's Next for Ferrari Stock After Q4 Earnings

Ferrari NV (NYSE: RACE) is set to report its second-ever earnings report tomorrow.

Investors hope the financials will cause Ferrari stock to rebound from its 16.2% slump so far in 2016.

But there are two reasons why the automaker will keep falling in the near term...