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The Best Investments in Japan's Changing Economy

I spent last week in Tokyo, and I want to share what I found on my trip to Japan.

It's proof positive that we're on the right track and, once again, we may beat a lot of people to the best investments, just like we did in September 2011.

That's when I told subscribers to short the yen a full six months and 150% ahead of George Soros and other big names who would subsequently make headlines for doing the same thing.

This time around the profits could be even bigger - if you understand what's happening and why. Here's what you need to know...

Foreign Exchange

The Swiss National Bank Shock Taught Us Two Painful Lessons

Last week's Swiss National Bank shock, which reversed a key monetary policy, was a perfect reminder of how a single decision can hammer the global indexes like a tsunami.

The Swiss central bank removed a cap that restricted how high the Swiss franc could rise against the euro and unleashed forex chaos. Small forex firms were crushed global markets reacted wildly.

But the financial world, by now, should have known better.

Here's why the Swiss National bank shock had such a shattering impact, and what investors can learn from it...