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Dealergate: Did the Obama Admin Target GOP Auto Dealers in the 2009 Bailout?

As the "Dealergate" conspiracy theory goes, the White House overstepped its bounds in the 2009 auto bailout to shut down GOP car dealerships.

Here's a look at how this conspiracy spread like wildfire from the net to the media to the White House.

And how part of it is still alive and well today in U.S. Federal Court...


Why the GM Stock Price Rally Won't Continue in 2016

The GM stock price climbed 0.6% to $35.66 Thursday as the Detroit automaker prepares to sell its first Chinese-built car in the United States. The GM stock price has now climbed 19.2% in the last three months.

But the GM stock rally won't continue in 2016...

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The Evil Genius Behind the General Motors Streetcar Conspiracy

General Motors streetcar conspiracy theorists believe that the electric tram didn't die a natural death; rather, it was murdered by GM and the savviness of one innovative businessman.

This evil entrepreneur had one thing on his mind: monopolizing American surface transportation.

Here's the story of how he went about getting his way and the questionable tactics he and GM purportedly used...

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What the General Electric-Capital One Deal Means for Investors (NYSE: GE)

Shortly after Tuesday's closing bell, General Electric Co. (NYSE: GE) announced it will sell its healthcare financing business to Capital One Financial Corp. (NYSE: COF) for roughly $9 billion.

Here's what the General Electric-Capital One Deal means for investors: a slimmed down, more nimble, and less financially regulated GE.

Here's what investors need to know now...


Will General Electric Stock Price (NYSE: GE) Get a Boost from Asset Sale?

The General Electric stock price (NYSE: GE) is up a solid 8% in 2015 – compared to the Dow's 0.32% year-to-date dip.

The industrial giant announced Tuesday it agreed to sell its U.S. private-equity lending business to Canada Pension Plan Investment Board for $12 billion.

So what's GE going to do with an extra $12 billion? Will it help the General Electric stock price?

Let's take a look...


Dear General Motors (NYSE: GM): Your Q3 Earnings Were OK, But We're Still Not Sold

Dear General Motors (NYSE: GM),

It's been a really bad 2014. Between recalls and lies, we're not surprised GM stock's dropped more than 25%.

Here’s how you did in Q3 earnings today – and how we think readers should play your stock right now…


GM Stock Closes Down 4.46% After Taking an 80% Profit Nose-Dive in Earnings

This morning (Thursday), General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) reported second-quarter earnings. The market didn't like what it saw – GM stock sank by 4.46% to close at $35.74 per share.

Here is the big surprise from GM earnings, and how our expert recommends playing General Motors stock right now…

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Guess Who Responded to Our "Warning" Column on General Motors (NYSE: GM)

Our warning column on General Motors Co. (NYSE: GM) really seemed to resonate with you folks.

It generated a lot of emotion, eliciting some personal experiences from and even a few suggestions that we recommend "shorting" the stock.

But it wasn’t just our subscribers who responded to that analysis. We also received a very strong response from GM itself. Take a look…

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Here's What the Recalls Mean for GM Stock

I cannot overstate what a big role General Motors (NYSE: GM) has played in my life. So, it saddens me when I see the headlines about recalls over the past few years – this year alone, about 29 million worldwide.

Many on Wall Street and in the mainstream financial media are saying this is a "Buy" opportunity.

But the truth is, this recall situation does not bode well for GM stock…

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General Motors (NYSE: GM) Stock Shakes Off Latest Recalls – For Now

Yesterday (Monday), General Motors (NYSE: GM) recalled 8.45 million more vehicles. The latest round means GM has set a new record for U.S. automaker vehicle safety fixes in a calendar year at 29 million – it's now recalled nearly 3% of the world's total cars.

Here’s where General Motors stock is headed in the coming months – and when investors should look to cash in on a GM stock “sweet spot”…