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10 Times We Narrowly Avoided World War 3

World War 3 has been narrowly avoided at least 10 times since WWII ended – and the public has largely been none the wiser in almost every single instance.

Here's a look at 10 times we came really close to a third world war over the past 60 years...


How Do You Know If You Have Zika?

The Zika virus has yet to be transmitted by mosquitoes on U.S. soil.

But there's a strong argument that could happen soon.

And due to a neglectful media, many Americans don't know even the basics about the virus, like how it's contracted.

Check out this report to learn how to know if you have Zika...

Energy Investing

What's Really reducing Carbon Emissions in America? (Hint: It's Not Obama)

President Obama this week declared war on coal when he announced that he'll sidestep Congress and address the "manufactured" climate change crisis through regulatory fiat. He wants to establish himself as the eco-warrior to appease his left-wing environmental base.

His global warming crusade will cost the U.S. thousands of jobs and impose higher electricity bills across the land. All in the name of pandering to junk climate science.

Obama also sent the decision to build the Keystone Pipeline back to the State Department for yet another round of assessments. He ordered State Department not to approve the pipeline, which transmits Canadian Oil Sands to U.S. refineries, if it adds to net carbon emissions.

While the President is currently writing new rules that will make it harder for existing coal-fired power plants to operate, adding significant costs and effectively destroying tens of thousands of jobs in the coal sector and its supply chains, these plans are being sold as effective government action to address rising carbon emissions in the United States.

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