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This New Tax Deal Will Tack $700 Billion onto the National Debt

The new tax deal being debated in Congress comes with a 10-year price tag of about $700 billion. It's likely to pass before the end of the year.

With it comes new provision extensions – many permanent – that are backed by both the GOP and the Democratic party.

While all this love and peace is nice, the new tax plan will make the national debt balloon even more....

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Here's Everything Wrong with Hillary Clinton's Capital Gains Tax Plan

In a speech today, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton struck-out at 'short-termism' in proposing to hike capital gains taxes for investors who hold investments for only two or three years.

In doing so, she not only betrayed the nearly genetic pre-disposition of any Democratic politician to raise taxes…

But this is just the beginning of the colossal mistake Hillary just proposed...

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High Taxes Mean It's Lights Out For California

Would the last person leaving California please turn out the lights…

Whether by coincidence or design there is a mass exodus of business and upper management from the golden state.

Here's a guess why: California is the highest taxed state in the nation.

Its top income tax rate is 13.3%, and its property tax per capita is $1,450. California also has the highest sales tax at 7.5% and is the proud bearer of the country's highest gas tax according to the Petroleum Institute.

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