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The Only Way Bond Yields Will "Go Up" Now

Last week, the Fed chose to not raise interest rates. That decision will continue to render traditional bond investments unattractive, holding them to extremely low yields.

Just looking at the returns being generated by the largest bond funds shows you'll go hungry depending on bonds for income and total returns.

There is one way bond yields will go up... but it's not good. Here's what you need to know.


Income Investors Will Look Very Smart with These Gains

Call it the "Summer of Pain." All the major indexes are down for the year, flirting with textbook "correction territory."

Utility stocks, as tracked by the Utilities SPDR ETF, have been among the hardest hit. The XLU ETF is now off an eye-watering 20% from its February 2015 highs.

The trouble is, the utility sector is a massive favorite among income investors, thanks to its stability and generous yields. XLU, for instance, pays close to 4%.

And the simple play I'm about to show you will make sure you get paid all year while taking the bite out of some of the downside risk...

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The Truth About Investing in REITs When Interest Rates Rise

REITs are companies that own or finance income-producing real estate, and investing in REITs is an effective strategy for earning passive income.

Still, many investors believe REITs will underperform as an interest rate hike lingers on the horizon.

Here's why that couldn't be further from the truth...

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[CHART] Income Inequality Has Reached Historic Levels

Income inequality in many countries around the world, including the United States, has reached record highs. This according to a new report from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

The report analyzed how much the top 10% of each country earns compared to the bottom 10%.

Here are the 10 countries where income inequality is worst...

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The Best High-Return Investments for Your Portfolio

Low-risk, high-return investments have become scarce in the low-interest environment that followed the 2008 financial crisis.Nearly seven years of zero-interest rate policies by the U.S. Federal Reserve returns have dragged down returns on all interest-dependent investments to the point where they're almost not worth the bother.

But the need for income-producing high-yield investments has not gone away.

Here are three categories with the best prospects...

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The Secret to Superior Returns

Many people are surprised to learn that dividend income and reinvestment can account for nearly 90% of total stock market returns over time.

That's right. Not a quarter… Not half… But 90%.

But the potential returns we can bank with this simple method can be much, much higher...

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4 Monthly Dividend Stocks for a Steady Income Stream

Monthly dividend stocks are growing in popularity. They offer investors all the benefits of traditional dividend-paying stocks, like predictable income, capital appreciation potential, and a buffer against market volatility.

But they send out payments each month rather than on a quarterly basis.

A growing number of companies recognize the value of delivering dividends to shareholders on a more frequent schedule.

Here are four monthly dividend stocks to consider...

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These 25 Stocks That Pay Dividends Just Hiked Payouts for Better Yield

Stocks that pay dividends are a top choice for income in today's low-interest environment.

Compare dividend stocks to the income alternatives. U.S. Treasury yields sit near historic lows. Nearly 22% of total developed market countries' debt carries a negative yield.

Meanwhile, most stocks that pay dividends have increased yields. And they offer investors the chance at capital appreciation.

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9 New Special Dividends Announced Last Week

Special dividends – separate one-time payouts in addition to a company's regular (if any) dividend – are on the rise. Special dividend payment amounts jumped 49% from January through September 2014.

Special dividends are typically larger than normal dividend payouts. Companies usually declare them after an especially strong quarter or year, or when their cash reserve grows significantly.

Here are the nine companies that announced special dividends during the week ending Feb. 6.

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Dividend Investing News: GM, GILD, and 29 More Increases

Dividend Investing News, Feb. 9, 2015: Stocks that sport attractive and growing dividends are still the best option for income seekers as interest rates remain low.

More than half of S&P 500 companies currently yield more than the 10-year Treasury note's 1.93%. Plus, dividend stocks offer an added bonus of potential capital appreciation.

A total of 76 dividend stocks raised payouts last week - here are 30 of the most notable increases...