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Use These "Red Bull Strategies" to Stay Awake in This Sleepy Market

Our expert predicts tech stocks will lead a market rally before the year's out.

These three strategies will help you confidently position your portfolio for profits ahead of the surge...

Wall Street

How to Beat Wall Street at Its Own Game

Most investors believe that Wall Street is rigged in favor of the big traders and that they'll never win.

But you can beat the Street - it all comes down to understanding a principle called "Gambler's Ruin." Here's what you need to know...


Why This 387% Gainer Is Set to Go Even Higher

"When in doubt, go for growth."

As you can see, I'm fond of investing anecdotes and aphorisms, because stories and often-repeated "sayings" are an easy way to convey a key lesson or to drive home an important message.

The message here: Don't let this Brexit-induced correction put you off your game. Be mindful of risk, and look for opportunities, and you'll be able to turn this Brexit wreck to your advantage.

And there are two sure-fire ways to do this…

Look for growth.

And look for bargains.

Indeed, I've found one stock that achieves both goals.

It's a stock my Private Briefing subscribers and I know well – and like a lot, because it's treated us to peak gains of 387%.

But I want to tell everyone about this so they'll have the chance to participate in what's coming next.

And I want to do that this weekend, because the stock just dropped squarely into "bargain territory."

There are more profits directly head. Get ready to buy on Tuesday for a potential 66% gain in short order...

Trading Strategies

How to Tell When a Stock Up 1,000% Could Still Quadruple Your Money

If a stock can meet these three criteria, then chances are it could quadruple your money – even if it's already had a 1,000% run up.

Here's what you need to know...


The 5 Best Stocks to Buy for Q3 2016

The five best stocks to buy right now are ideal for long-term investors. That's because they're driven by big catalysts, like new technologies, powerful trends, or newly emerging industries.

These catalyst will ensure these stocks provide great, steady returns for patient investors.

Check out these five stocks here...


Why Options Trading Is the Fastest-Growing Moneymaker in the World

Options trading has become the fastest-growing moneymaker in the world for seven key reasons. Average daily options volume has increased 2,500 times from 40 years ago.

There are seven reasons for this impressive growth - the first alone could double your money in a week. Take a look...

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Maximize Your 100% Gains with This Trading Strategy

What do you do after you double your money? Most people will say you have three options: cash out, use a trailing stop, or ride the stock.

But there's another, even better option. This trading strategy limits risk to your portfolio while offering the chance for nearly infinite upside. Here's how...

Trading Strategies

How to Profit in This "Boxed" Market

The market is sending us decidedly mixed signals right now. We've had some welcome upward moves lately, notwithstanding a little halfhearted profit-taking yesterday.

Analysts all have different explanations for the buoyant markets – oil prices, the strong dollar, an uptick in dealmaking, and now even surging new home sales. Those are all to the good, but I think they're overestimating the importance of those factors.

Don't get me wrong – it's OK to get excited about the rally, because there are some constructive technical reasons to like it. Critically, lots of stocks in most sectors have come along for the ride.

But here's where those mixed signals I was talking about come in. The welcome upward moves just haven't been able to get the markets out of the "box" they've been stuck in for the past eight weeks or so. And, as you'll see, there's still a great deal of uncertainty about one sector in particular.

So I'm going to show you what my technical analysis reveals about how we can get "out" of the box, and where we'll likely land when we get there.

And then I'll recommend some profit plays to make right now...

Penny Stocks

These 5 Hot Penny Stocks Provided Huge Gains in Just One Day

We found five hot penny stocks that provided impressive gains on Friday, May 27.

In fact, one of those penny stocks actually skyrocketed 40% that day.

If you got an early jump on the holiday weekend, don't feel bad. You can find out exactly what stocks generated these massive gains right here...

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Make or Break Your Summer with This Investing Insight

Keith Fitz-Gerald sat down with us to give his best investing insight into the latest market developments he sees unfolding this summer and beyond.

With global markets in flux thanks to fears of everything from the Fed rate hike to the "Brexit" to increased terrorism, this is an interview no investor should miss.