White House to Admit a $1.7 Billion "Ransom Payment" to Iran?

New congressional legislation was just introduced, compelling the White House to disclose details about its billion-dollar payout to Iran in January.

Here's why Republican policymakers are pushing to know the truth behind the disbursement...


WTI Crude Oil Falls Today Following Lifted Sanctions

WTI crude oil continued its month-long spiral today in response to the lifting of Iran's economic sanctions over the weekend.

Despite the ongoing oil "crunch," investors shouldn't run away from the energy sector just yet.

Here are some ways you can make money from today's oil price movement...


Will Iran Sanctions Be Lifted Ahead of Schedule?

Will Iran sanctions be lifted ahead of schedule? Or will they be renewed?

There is growing opposition as the Iran nuclear agreement implementation looms.

Some members of Congress are calling for halt on the deal. Here's why...


Iran Nuclear Deal in President Obama's Reach with Mikulski Backing

The Obama administration secured enough Senate support Wednesday for the Iran nuclear deal, guaranteeing Republicans won't stymie the vote when it reaches Congress next week.

The GOP still vehemently opposes the deal.

Here are all the latest Iran nuclear deal updates...


What the Iran Nuclear Deal's "Secret Agreement" Means for Oil Prices

There's a bombshell new development in the Iran nuclear deal.

The Associated Press reported that Iran will be permitted to use its own experts to inspect Parchin, one of the country's most suspicious testing facilities.

Here's a breakdown of the news and how it will affect oil prices...