[REPORT] IRS Unjustly Seized Millions from Small Businesses, Still Refuses to Return

The IRS has been illegally seizing small business owners' assets for years.

Here's a look at the wealth the crooked agency has managed to amass.

And how it bent the rules to do so...


IRS Turns Blind Eye to Fake Social Security Numbers from Undocumented Immigrants

Illegal immigrants are using illicitly obtained or fake Social Security numbers to get jobs.

According to the IRS Chief, that's A-OK.

Here's precisely what he had to tell Congress...

Your Money

How to Prepare for the 17% "Supertax"

“You never let a serious crisis go to waste… It’s an opportunity to do things you could not do before.” –Rahm Emanuel

The once unthinkable is quickly becoming probable.

At some point in the next few years, your assets could well become the target of a “Supertax” as high as 17%.

Last week, we talked about the need to buy “out of print” assets to protect our wealth from brazen government seizures.

I explained that quantitative easing (QE) was likely to get bigger, not smaller, and that you needed to become your own central bank.

The truth is, the writing’s already on the wall. We’ve seen it happen.

Cyprus’s “bail-in” cost numerous bank depositors more than 47% of their capital.

Poland’s “pension reform” saw private pensions raided to help lower the government’s debt-to-GDP ratio.

And Spain plundered its Social Security Reserve Fund to keep buying its own risky debt, when no one else would.v

Dangerous precedents are being set, with chilling regularity.

More than ever,