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Mark Wetjen: A Salivating Wolf in the Regulatory Henhouse

In case you missed the kerfuffle last Friday, Blythe Masters, the 44 year-old, super-smart head of JPMorgan Chase's commodities trading business, declined to sit on the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission's (CFTC's) Global Markets Committee advisory board.

This came as a big surprise.

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The Tragic Truth Behind the $13 Billion JPMorgan "Fine"

Let's address two tragedies today.

The first is how Jamie Dimon & Co. and all the guilty big banks get away with murder.

The second is something I want to share with you because 50 years ago today, President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. It isn't a conspiracy theory about who did it, but a likely theory about what happened and the conspiracy to cover that up.

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Sorry CNBC, but the $13 Billion JPMorgan Fine Was No Shakedown

This week, the financial media has been up in arms about the record $13 billion fine levied on JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM) for its connection with mortgage-backed securities.

While some voices have called for Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Jamie Dimon's departure from the bank, defendants have stated that JPM was a victim of government pressures to purchase Washington Mutual and Bear Stearns in 2008. Both acquired companies were responsible for 80% of the liabilities within this settlement.

The scary thing is, that monster fine is just a tiny hint of what's been going wrong with Wall Street...

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Is Jamie Dimon's "Scary and Volatile" Prediction on Target?

JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon created a stir across the globe Thursday when he told a forum in China markets will remain volatile because of extraordinarily low interest rates.

Speaking at the Fortune Global Forum in Chengdu, China, Dimon said, "It's a different world when central banks are managing interest rates….  Until it gets back to normal, it's going to be scary and volatile."

Stuart Varney, the host of FOX Business' "Varney & Co.," asked Money Morning Chief Investment Strategist Keith Fitz-Gerald and Wall Street analyst Meredith Whitney for their take on Dimon's comments.

Is Dimon right? Check out what Fitz-Gerald and Whitney had to say in the accompanying video.

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Is Jamie Dimon Too Big to Fire?

Jamie Dimon is the 57-year old banking mogul whose been running JPMorgan Chase (NYSE: JPM) since 2005, and he decisively won a shareholder vote yesterday to keep both his chairmanship and chief executive officer (CEO) titles at the nation's largest bank.

But don't celebrate yet.

Sure, only 32.2% of shareholders voted for a proposed resolution to split the company's two top jobs. And that may sound like great news (for him) but the winner wasn't Jamie Dimon, it was the Cult of the CEO.

The losers in the vote? You, me and the American public at large.