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How the BLS Fudges Jobs Report Numbers with Seasonal Adjustments

Jobs report data, like July's, is known to include seasonally adjusted numbers.

But there's a big problem with the way the Bureau of Labor Statistics calculates these adjustments...


Five Jobs with Surprisingly Low Pay

Here's a look at five jobs with surprisingly low pay…

And, no, teachers didn't make the list. Everyone knows they're way underpaid...

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[CHART] Robots to Take 80 Million U.S. Jobs – Is Yours at Risk?

Automation is a great thing – unless it's robots taking your job.

Over the next 10 to 20 years, half of all working Americans could find themselves replaced by some type of robot. And with the technology improving faster than ever, it's not just low-skilled jobs at risk.

This chart shows which occupations face the greatest threat from robots...

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Kraft Heinz Plant Closures Add to Growing 2015 Layoffs

Kraft Heinz Food Co. (NYSE: HNZ) announced Wednesday it will close seven plants in the United States and Canada over the next two years. The Kraft Heinz plant closures will eliminate 2,600 jobs and add to 2015's growing layoff tally.

This year's year-to-date tally is already 13% higher 2014's full-year total.

Here's why things will likely get worse....


U.S. Layoffs Are Still Climbing – Latest Numbers Here

Mid-year totals for U.S. layoffs hit a five-year high.

The oil patch was hit the hardest, yet no sector has been immune.

Keep reading to find out where the latest job cuts have come from.


These Charts Show How Many Oil Jobs Have Been Lost in 2015

If one number summarizes the oil price meltdown, it's 150,000.

That's about how many oil jobs have been lost in 2015 as of Aug. 2. It's a massive hit considering about 600,000 people work in the U.S. energy sector.

Here's a chart-by-chart breakdown of just how deep the numbers really go...

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U.S. Layoffs: More than 103,620 Announced in 2015

Today's job report showed unemployment fell to 5.5% – but it doesn't seem like things are getting better when you look at the constant stream of planned U.S. layoffs and job cuts being announced.

Just two months into 2015, employers have announced a whopping 103,620 planned layoffs. That's up 19% from the 86,942 layoffs recorded during the same period in 2014.

Here's a look at some of the biggest job cuts announced so far this year...

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Financial News Today: The Mirage of Job Gains and Wage Growth

Financial news today, Feb. 6, 2015: January's job report showed more jobs were added last month – but the reason isn't healthy…

The U.S. Labor Department reported Friday that 257,000 jobs were added last month. January's report capped the biggest three months of job gains in 17 years.

But of course these numbers were inflated. Here's what's behind the rise...


Labor Department Jobs Report: Take a Closer Look at the Numbers

As usual, a closer look at the U.S. Labor Department jobs report for November shows things aren't as rosy as they first seem…

First, the big news. The jobs report showed employers added 321,000 jobs last month, crushing consensuses estimates of 230,000.

But it's far from "all clear" on the jobs front – here's why…

But it's far from "all clear" on the jobs front - here's why...


October U.S. Jobs Report Shows a Scary Truth About Wage Growth

Historically, low unemployment has led to faster wage growth. But that hasn’t been the case over the last six years.

The October U.S. jobs report shows the unemployment rate is down – but wage growth does not look good.

Here's what that means for our economy.