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Keith Fitz-Gerald

Trading Strategies

This Indicator Has Racked Up Huge Profits for Investors Who Caught It

FOX Business Network host Stuart Varney cut right to the chase recently, asking me within seconds of the market opening:

"What specific strategies can our viewers use to make a lot of money really fast in today's markets?"

"Two things," I replied.

You short the weakest companies – meaning you bet on them going down – and you buy the strongest companies because they've got what's needed to survive turbulent market conditions.

But, today, I want to tell you what I couldn't say on TV.

Right now I'm watching a key technical indicator we've seen only do what it's doing now twice in the past 22 years. What's more, this same indicator has heralded radically different market conditions than most investors expect both times it's appeared.

And some whopping profits for investors who recognized it, too.

Today I want to tell you what "it" is and share a company that's poised for profits as a result.

Here's what you need to know...


This Gun Stock Has Returned 5X the S&P 500 for a Reason You May Not Expect

Buying "what you know" used to be a fundamental underpinning of investment success. Now, it's a recipe for disaster.

As the performance of this gun stock shows, true investing success is all about "knowing" the real numbers.

In fact, understanding this company's fundamentals would have helped you beat the markets five times over...


Two Important Updates on Ekso Bionics Inc. and Consolidated Water Co.

One of Wall Street's cardinal sins is a "set it and forget it" mentality. What I mean by that is there's often a flurry of interest in specific stocks and then… nothing.

That's too bad because the devil, as they say, is always in the details. In that spirit, let's check in on two of our favorite recommendations today: Ekso Bionics and Consolidated Water.

Both, I'm excited to report, remain compelling buys.

Wall Street

Goldman Sachs Wants a "Revolution," so Grab These Shares Now

Goldman Sachs thinks they've spotted an economic anomaly – and they're warning it may force the firm to redefine the nature of capitalism itself.

In a research note, produced by a team of analysts and released earlier this year to clients, the firm highlights the fact that profit margins in the United States and elsewhere are historically high and that they may remain that way for a long time – especially when it comes to companies engaged in mergers, acquisitions, and stock buybacks.

In what may be the ultimate case of the pot calling the kettle black, Goldman says that's not how things are supposed to work.

I can't say I disagree.

Since 2007 we've talked about how today's markets are a completely artificial construct made possible by the Fed's incessant meddling, regulators who were asleep at the switch and who still aren't fully awake, and a completely out-of-control Wall Street machine.

You simply cannot engineer your way out of a crisis caused by too much debt by adding more debt.


Because it messes with the very relationships Goldman has evidently just latched on to.

Something has to give…

…just make sure it's not your money.

Here's how you can make sure it won't be - and a run-down on two stocks uniquely positioned to make triple-digit gains when this debt-ridden system falls apart...


Rich or Poor, You Can’t Ignore U.S. Treasuries in Today’s Markets

There are a good number of investors who believe that U.S. Treasuries – notes in particular – are bad for you and even worse for your money at the moment.

Why really doesn't matter… rates might rise, deflation, a bond market bubble, there's too much debt… they're riskier than you think, goes the argument.

All of those things are, well… true. Yet, I submit U.S. Treasuries are the one investment you cannot afford to be without at the moment for three reasons.

So grab a cup of joe and let me share something with you that escapes 99% of all investors.


YHOO Stock Still Too Speculative, Here's a Better Opportunity

The YHOO stock price is plummeting today, despite the fact that Verizon's CEO announced interest in acquiring Yahoo.

But the speculation makes YHOO stock dangerous to own, especially in a bear market.

Here's everything you need to know about CEO Marissa Mayer's company if the market continues to sell off...


What to Do Now If You're Short Twitter Stock

Stifel Nicolaus analysts made headlines when they recently downgraded Twitter, noting that they were returning their rating to "where it should have been all along – Sell." Other analysts are piling on.

Now, you and I've been talking about this since December 2013, when I called it out as one of my three top shorts. So it's not a surprise to us.

Twitter stock has fallen by 75.49% since then, and if you've been following along, you're sitting on some great profits.

So the question for millions of investors becomes what to do now...

Trading Strategies

Four Easy Money Moves to Make Before You Celebrate Tonight

Clearly there's a lot to be gained from making great investments. But what most people don't realize is that keeping your profits can be even more important when it comes to building wealth.

That's why, on this final day of 2015, I want to talk about the smartest four moves you can make right now… to set yourself up for a really terrific 2016.

They're not the usual money advice though. You can simply pick up your favorite mainstream mag for that.

No… these four moves will not only change how you think about money but, in doing so, dramatically improve your profit potential, too.

But we'll have to move quickly...


Why You Still Shouldn't Buy GoPro Stock

Last Thursday, GoPro stock jumped 11.49% in a single session on rumors that Apple may buy the beleaguered tech darling, leading millions of investors to wonder if they should jump on the bandwagon, too.

In a word – nope. GoPro stock remains a risk you don't want or need in your portfolio ahead of a rate hike.

Here's what you want to buy instead...


How to Profit from the Paris Talks – No Matter What Politicians Say About Climate Change

More than 30,000 diplomats have converged on Paris, France, for what is being called "one of the most important international conferences in history."

"Tackling climate change is a shared mission for mankind," said Chinese President Xi Jinping, the head of the world's largest carbon emitter. "All eyes are now on Paris."

"If we act here, if we act now," President Obama added, "if we place our short-term interests behind the air our young people will breathe… then we won't be too late for them."

"Here in Paris," French President Hollande declared, "we will decide on the very future of the planet."

Perhaps I'm too skeptical for my own good, but that's very similar to what world leaders said in 1997 just before the Kyoto Accords. And those have proven to be little more than lip service.

Even if 100% of the Kyoto requirements are followed by 100% of the 192 countries that signed them, they will deliver less than 0.02° Celsius in cooling by 2050 despite costing hundreds of billions of dollars.

Is that worth it?

I have no idea – I'm not a scientific expert.

But I do know beyond any shadow of a doubt that trillions of dollars are going to get set in motion no matter what happens in La Ville Lumière.

Here's what that means for your money and how you can cash in...