Michael Robinson


A Pure Play for the "World War 3.0" Cyber Arms Race

President Obama and his generals have consistently put cybersecurity at or near the top of U.S. strategic defense priorities.

Ever since, the military and government have had their work cut out for them, fighting relentless, daily waves of computer attacks, in many cases against vital national interests.

The private sector is in the trenches, too, as state actors and individuals press attacks to get trade secrets or customer identity data.

Now, recent high-profile cyberattacks against the Democratic National Committee, most likely by Vladimir Putin's intelligence services, have pushed the issue into "six o'clock news" territory.

But the problem goes so much deeper than the media is reporting. This country is embroiled in nothing less than a full-scale global cyberwar right now. There may not be any casualties (yet), but everything is up for grabs and the stakes are very high.

For instance, the cost of fighting this war is set to eclipse $1 trillion between 2017 and 2021, making the battlefield one of the largest new markets on earth.

I'm going to show you how you can profit from our efforts to win, but first let me peel back the curtain on a huge conflict that's largely hidden from public view...


Silicon Valley Has a Secret "Watch List" – and Now You Can, Too

Every top tech player has a "Silicon Valley Watch List" – a ranking of well-run firms with great products and excellent cash flow.

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My "Early Warning" System for Maximum Tech Profits

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These Shifting Currents Could Move Dollars Your Way

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The Brexit Protective Profit Opportunity Most Americans Missed

Investors who live in a "five-day" world have a mighty short collective memory. In the markets, 38 days might as well be 100 years.

Certainly no one in the financial media is looking back to June 24, 2016, anymore. As you'll see, that could be a costly mistake.

Of course, that's the day after the United Kingdom's historic European Union membership referendum ended in a shocking "Leave" result, the day that saw global markets plunge by more than 5% in most cases, wiping out trillions in wealth, and sending the pound sterling to multi-decade lows.

Then again, since U.S. markets have gone on a historic rocket ride in the weeks since, with all indexes repeatedly crushing record highs, it's understandable that investors have "forgotten" the Brexit's initial shock and moved on.

Now that might be okay… if only for the fact that Britain hasn't actually done anything yet. The real Brexit – the day the UK grabs its bags and steps out of the EU's door – is yet to come, and there are ominous signs that things could get downright ugly as that day approaches. It has the potential to make the Brexit vote shock look tame by comparison.

Here's how you can use Bitcoin to protect yourself and even make money when the volatility roars back.

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Technology Is Your "Workaround" for Wall Street's Rigged System

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With This All-Star Partnership, "Mr. October" Just Became Silicon Valley's Latest MVP

Partnerships with startups – like Mr. October's specialty auto parts business – are turning this German tech firm's shares into a growth stock sure to outperform the market.

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When It Comes to ETFs, Keep Your Eye on These Three Metrics

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