Is Microsoft Stock a Buy After 2016 Q4 Earnings?

Expectations are for Microsoft Corp. to report progress in its cloud businesses that are destined to replace PCs as the source of future growth. That could give MSFT stock, which is down on the year, a bit of a boost.

Here's what investors need to watch in the Microsoft Q4 earnings...


2 Reasons Microsoft Stock Owners Should Love the LinkedIn Purchase

The Microsoft stock price fell after the technology giant made a shocking announcement.

Microsoft plans to purchase professional network LinkedIn for $26.2 billion.

Wall Street can't figure out why this deal is happening. Of course, they are once again missing out on the bigger picture, one that will reward long-term MSFT shareholders...


Why Microsoft Stock Is Headed to $60 – and Beyond

Although Wall Street has soured on Microsoft stock lately, Money Morning expert Shah Gilani is confident it will get to $60 – and beyond.

And Gilani knows what he's talking about. He called MSFT stock a buy in July 2013 – right before it went on a run in which it rose 80%.

Here's why Gilani says now is the time to buy Microsoft stock...


The "Earnings Recession" Just Gave Us Two Big "Buy" Opportunities

With Q1 2016 earnings meeting bearish expectations, we've entered an earnings recession. That's not great news – but it does mean two of the best tech stocks are trading at a discount.

These are the kind of shares you want to buy and hold for the long term - and now's the perfect time to buy...


Why the Microsoft Stock Price Fell Today – and Why That's Good

The Microsoft stock price fell as much as 9% today after the company's Q3 earnings disappointed Wall Street.

Earnings missed expectations by $0.02, and Microsoft lowered guidance for the current quarter. Both helped drive the MSFT stock price down.

But there's more to these Microsoft earnings than it appears. Here's why the long-term case for MSFT stock remains intact...


Is Microsoft Stock a Buy After 2016 Q3 Earnings?

With the Microsoft stock price edging close to its all-time high, the Q3 earnings due out tomorrow (Thursday) will tell us a lot about how much higher shares will go.

Because the company has beat expectations for 10 quarters running, the odds are high Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) will again beat the Street when it reports tomorrow (Thursday).

Here's why MSFT stock remains a buy, and what investors need to keep an eye on in the Q3 earnings report...


The 3 Best Stocks to Buy Now in the $150 Billion Virtual Reality Industry

In a volatile market, it can be hard to find the best stocks to buy.

But we narrowed down three in the emerging $150 billion virtual reality industry.

Wall Street is missing the bigger picture behind this industry, but we're going to share with our readers how three companies are developing a huge foothold...


Two Big Reasons MSFT Stock Is a Buy After Earnings

MSFT stock was edging up Thursday in anticipation of good news when the company reports earnings after the market close.

But unless Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) has a really nasty surprise in store, it's a buy even if it doesn't post a strong beat. That's because Microsoft has worked hard on its transition away from its legacy PC business to capitalize on two major areas of growth.

Here's what those areas are - and why they'll enrich both Microsoft and those who own MSFT stock...


Microsoft Stock Will Keep Soaring on These Two Huge Trends

Just a few years ago, Wall Street wrote off Microsoft stock. It watched MSFT shares fall 18.4% in 2012 down to the same levels where they traded in 2009.

Microsoft shareholders were stuck with no price growth and a CEO with no plans to improve the situation.

Then MSFT rose 20.1% in 2015 and looks to climb again in 2016.

Why will Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) stock keep crushing the market? Here are two reasons...


A Microsoft Stock History Timeline

The Microsoft stock history tells a tale not just of peaks and valleys, but an uncanny knack to exploit opportunities.

Microsoft Corp. (Nasdaq: MSFT) is one of the U.S. tech industry's foundational companies. As the provider of the market-dominating Windows operating system and the Office productivity suite, Microsoft became synonymous with the PC revolution.

But for a few key events, Microsoft's history would have turned out very differently.

Here's the full MSFT stock history timeline...