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Four Companies Going Out of Business by 2020

The nostalgia-inducing companies going out of business grab our attention. Remember Circuit City, an electronics superstore chain that was once a suburban landmark?

Company officials tried their hardest to secure a buyer in bankruptcy in 2008, but were ultimately unable to do so. Circuit City went under completely, breaking hearts as it sank. That's where some of us got our very first stereos!

Here are other companies we're watching flounder 'til they heave their final, bankrupt breath...


Muni Failures Grow Increasingly Ominous, Harbingers of Systemic Collapse

Detroit's high-profile municipal bankruptcy is well-documented. And although the city once representative of America's manufacturing prowess technically proclaimed itself out of bankruptcy in December, 2014, it is hardly out of an extended period of fiscal crisis.

Stockton, California, a city of roughly 300,000 75 miles to the east of San Francisco, filed for bankruptcy last summer...

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The Detroit Bankruptcy Is Official – Now Get Ready for "Bailout Bonanza"

Today (Tuesday), a federal judge ruled that Detroit is eligible for protection under Chapter 9 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code, making the Detroit bankruptcy official. This is the biggest municipal bankruptcy in U.S. history.

will soon affect every American...