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Our Profit Time Machine Leads to a Big Boeing (NYSE: BA) Win

Let's pretend we run a time machine service that can take us to market "events" of the near – or distant – past.

Today's jaunt will take us back to January 2013 – during the whole Boeing "Dreamliner battery" media frenzy.

I'm sure you remember it...

Stock Market Today

Dow Jones Futures Today Slide 65 Points on Iranian Nuclear Talks

Dow Jones futures today (Wednesday) forecasted a 65-point retreat from yesterday's Dow close.

The DJIA Index plunged 200 points Tuesday as energy stocks slipped on news of an extended deadline for an Iranian nuclear deal. Basic materials stocks were the biggest decliners Tuesday.

Here's what else is driving the stock market today, in addition to your stock futures, top market news, pre-market movers, and stocks to watch in the stock market today...

Stock Market Today

Stock Market Predictions Today Point to More Volatility than Usual in Q2 2015

Stock market predictions are typically bullish in April. According to The Stock Trader's Almanac, the S&P 500 has climbed every single April since 2006 by an average of 3.1%. Since 1950, it has been the best performing month for the Dow Jones.

This monthly spike is usually attributed to strong Q1 earnings reports hitting Wall Street. Numerous companies will also raise their guidance figures for the full year in April.

This year, things aren't as bullish in the short term. Our stock market predictions today call for continued volatility into Q2.

Here's what to watch in the stock market in April, as well as an update on the long-term outlook for 2015...

Stock Market Today

DJIA Index Falls 200 Points to End Q1 in the Red

The DJIA Index plunged 200 points Tuesday. The cause? Energy stocks drove the market downward as Iranian nuclear deal talks weigh down oil prices.

The markets pared gains from Monday's massive rally. Basic materials stocks including Dow Chemical Co. (NYSE: DOW) were the biggest decliners Tuesday.

Here are more top stories from today, plus our new profit tip for investors...

Your Money

The 5 Most Important Questions to Ask a Financial Advisor

Having the right financial advisor in your corner can mean the difference between huge profits and devastating losses. But how do you pick the right one?

A quick Internet search reveals dozens of articles devoted to the topic of which questions to ask a financial advisor.

They all cover the basics, but to really determine whether an advisor is truly aligned with your interests, make sure you ask these five critical questions...

Top News

With Yemen Burning, Arab Spring II Is Underway

The worsening crisis in Yemen has provided a stark reminder of the immediate impact geopolitical events can have on oil prices.

I was asked to provide my analysis on CNBC's "Closing Bell" on Thursday afternoon, and to discuss the impact the crisis will have on oil prices.

Because this crisis is already having a big impact on the price of crude...

Investing Basics

How Well Do You Know the Dow Jones Industrial Average?

Most investors check on the Dow Jones Industrial Average at the end of every trading day, if not more frequently.

Over its 119-year history, the DJIA has become synonymous with the markets. But while investors big and small rely on the Dow Jones to measure how well or how poorly stocks are doing, how much do most people really know about it?

Check out these five key facts that show how the Dow came to be what it is now...

Income Investing

Here's How Powerful Dividend Reinvestment Is to Your Portfolio

At Money Morning, we're big proponents of dividend reinvestment. It's a strategy that will help you amass tremendous wealth over time.

Reinvesting dividends is the practice of buying additional shares of a stock using the dividends themselves to pay for your purchase. It results in long-term compounding, and that's key to building a fortune.

Here's a look at just how valuable dividend reinvestment is to your portfolio...


10 Warren Buffett Stocks to Watch in 2015

As of March 25, Warren Buffett's net worth is $70.9 billion.

That's because Warren Buffett stocks are profit gold mines – and the "Oracle of Omaha" just closed another deal that will make Kraft a stock to watch this year.

Here are 10 more of Buffett's assets that you should keep an eye on in 2015...

investing tips

ETF Investing Made Even Easier with These 7 Picks

ETF investing is popular because of its ease and safety, though you might feel overwhelmed at first. Here are seven successful ETFs to put your mind at ease…

And don't stress about what sectors to pick from, we've also highlighted the best in an array of specializations so you don't have to.

Here are seven successful ETFs to put your mind at ease...