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European Central Bank QE Is Masking Eurozone Struggles

The European Central Bank quantitative easing regime is officially in full swing.

European Central Bank data released last Friday indicated as much. The sovereign bond-buying program began March 9. And in just two weeks, Eurozone central banks had already purchased 26.3 billion euros. This is all while economic indicators seem to point toward a recovery.

This market optimism is all unwarranted. Here's why the Eurozone is still in trouble, and why QE won't fix anything...


How Much Does Greece Owe? 4 Charts That Put Greek Debt in Perspective

Greece is on track to run out of money in two weeks.

Unless officials can alter its current burn rate, the Mediterranean country will hit a cash wall on April 8, according to German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

Exactly how much does Greece owe?

The country is 323 billion euros in debt ($352.7 billion) – more than 175% of its GDP.

These four charts help to put that number into perspective...


Euro-Dollar Parity Gets Closer as Euro Sinks to 12-Year Low

The march to euro-dollar parity continued today (Wednesday) as the currency slipped below $1.06 for the first time since 2003.

In January, our 2015 euro forecast saw euro-dollar parity happening sometime in the first half of 2016.

It's fallen 12.6% in 2015. And it's still got a ways to go...


3 Ways to Play the European Central Bank Easy Money Madness

The European Central Bank meeting today (Thursday) stuck to the Eurozone's easy money script.

European Central Bank president Mario Draghi's commitment to super accommodative monetary policy in a sluggish Eurozone is certainly not the medicine Europe needs right now.

But it is has made some already enticing investment opportunities all the more attractive...


Use These Japan ETF Picks to Profit from a Rising Market and Falling Yen

The best Japan ETF to buy right now will do one of two things.

It will either play the surging Japanese stock market. Or, it will short the yen. The Nikkei 225 index is up 7.2% so far this year. The yen has fallen 16% in the last 12 months.

Here's what to buy...

Global Economy

Financial News Today: Greek Debt Talks Send Mixed Messages

Financial News Today: The Greek debt talks looked promising today (Tuesday) – for a little bit.

That was before conflicting reports and a German rebuttal pulled the rug out from under positive momentum.

But Greek debt talks are just the beginning. Here's what you need to know.

The Fed

FOMC Meeting Today: A Tale of Two QEs

The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) Meeting today marks 2015's inaugural meeting of the U.S. Federal Reserve's monetary policy makers.

It's only been a month since the last meeting convened. But a lot has changed. It's following big stories in the way of global central, particularly from the European Central Bank.

Here's how this QE story will play out, and why today's FOMC meeting will just be noise in a much more troubling outlook for central banking...


How Eurozone QE Works: A Guide to Draghi's News

European Central Bank President Mario Draghi announced a quantitative easing program today (Wednesday), leaving many to wonder how Eurozone QE works.

Through Eurozone QE, the ECB will purchase 60 billion euros a month, through a combination of asset and sovereign government bond purchases.

Here's how QE works, and how it will play out in the Eurozone...

Foreign Exchange

The Swiss National Bank Shock Taught Us Two Painful Lessons

Last week's Swiss National Bank shock, which reversed a key monetary policy, was a perfect reminder of how a single decision can hammer the global indexes like a tsunami.

The Swiss central bank removed a cap that restricted how high the Swiss franc could rise against the euro and unleashed forex chaos. Small forex firms were crushed global markets reacted wildly.

But the financial world, by now, should have known better.

Here's why the Swiss National bank shock had such a shattering impact, and what investors can learn from it...


Big Central Bank Meetings Present an Opportunity to Profit

Amidst a wave of central bank meetings this week, the European Central bank and the Bank of Japan matter the most.

The BOJ strategy will change little save for the possible extension of a mostly ineffective lending program. The ECB will probably announce a bond-buying program to hasten depreciation of the euro.

Savvy investors can profit from both moves.

Here's what investors need to know about - and how to profit from - this week's central bank meetings...