One of the Best Investment Options in the $75 Billion Cybersecurity Field

The amount of money being spent to fight cybercrime is astonishing. In fact, more than $1 trillion will be spent between 2017 and 2021.

And that means the field is producing some of the best investment options on the market today.

Here's our favorite pick and why it's one of the best investment options to make today...


The One Options Trade I'd Marry This Second

This options trade is the perfect way to play today's market environment.

It offers unlimited upside potential while insuring against market falls. Get it here...


Why Options Trading Is the Fastest-Growing Moneymaker in the World

Options trading has become the fastest-growing moneymaker in the world for seven key reasons. Average daily options volume has increased 2,500 times from 40 years ago.

There are seven reasons for this impressive growth - the first alone could double your money in a week. Take a look...


The Crucial "Timing Tip" You Should Know Before the Stock Market Opens

Timing is absolutely crucial when it comes to options trading – it can mean the difference between a modest gain and a triple-digit winner.

So here's everything you need to know about options timing - before the next stock market open...


This One Tool Helps You See the Future of Any Trade Right Now

Wouldn't it be nice to know the future? It would take the guesswork out of picking your trades. If you were able to see what's ahead, you'd never pick a trade that wouldn't double – or triple – your money every single time.

And you'd always know if a trade is even worth your time, before you waste a single penny.

Now this may seem hard to believe…

… But you can see the future of any trade.

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Capitalize on Market Downturns with This Options Trading Strategy

Last week, I introduced you to the bull put spread, which is perfect for exploiting slighter upward market moves.

Today, we're going to meet its mirror image. With this options trading strategy, you can track and capitalize on smaller downward market moves.

That's right - downward market moves. Here's everything you need to know to profit when markets dip...


Clean Up on Small Market Bounces Using This Options Trading Strategy

Although U.S. stocks closed on a high note for the first time in four weeks last Friday, some are saying that the worst of the year is still ahead.

So today, I'm going to give you a power play for smaller upward stock moves – like what we saw last week.

It's an options trading strategy that can rake in the big bucks from slighter market bounces like what we saw last week. Here's what you need to know...


Boost Your Options Trades in 2016 with This Momentum Indicator

There’s only one resolution traders need in the new year: Make twice the profit you made in 2015 by Dec. 31, 2016.

And this signal is the secret to reaching that goal – it’s the absolute best momentum indicator you can have in your trader’s toolbox.

It’ll help kick your options trades into high gear in 2016, so let’s get started…

trading strategies

Time Your Options Trades Perfectly with This Chart

Timing is everything, especially in options trading.

When you're trying to get into a trade, a few minutes can be the difference between getting in at the price you want and your targeted options getting away from you completely.

And when you're already in a trade, those same few minutes can also be the difference between banking 100% profits and watching your options reverse course and turn against you.

This indicator that will let you get in and out of your options trades before the rest of the investing herd. Let's get started...

Trading Strategies

This Skill Is Essential for Pinpointing Your Options Trades

You can use a stock’s support and resistance levels to identify channels and better predict how a stock’s price will behave.

For example, horizontal channels mean a stock is trending sideways.

But channels can also trend up or down, and learning to spot them will help you identify potentially profitable options trades.

There’s a lot that you need to know in order to wield this technique effectively, so let’s get started…