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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Slips as Fed Members Tease September Rate Hike

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today fell 11 points as two Federal Reserve members hinted at a rate hike this month.

Here's a closer look at only the most important investing news of the day...


On the Facebook Stock Split Date, Don't Panic When Shares Appear 70% Lower

On June 20, shareholders approved a Facebook stock split.

The date has yet to be set, but the 3-for-1 stock split could happen within the next two years.

And on the date of the Facebook stock split, it will appear that the Facebook stock price dropped nearly 70% in just a day. Before that happens, our readers need to read this to prepare themselves...

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Rallies Triple Digits

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today gained over 100 points as energy stocks surged.

Here's everything you need to know about what happened in the stock market today...

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Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Climbs as Buying Frenzy Continues

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today is still climbing as investors have gained confidence in the global economy.

Fears from Brexit are subsiding, the U.S. economy is adding more jobs, and OPEC will have a meeting to put a cap on excessive oil production.

But those aren't the only stories you need to know- here's all the important stock market information you need to get ready for August 9...


Should I Buy Disney Stock After Q3 Earnings?

Disney stock is down about 8% year to date.

But even with its lackluster performance this year, the stock deserves some attention.

With Disney's Q3 earnings coming up on Aug. 9, here's our recommendation about how to play DIS stock moving forward...


The Best Stocks to Buy Now Before Markets Head Higher

We've updated our list of the best stocks to buy.

The list includes over 10 winners that will bring patient investors handsome returns in 2017.

Check out these stocks now...


Why We're Still Avoiding WMT Stock Despite Today's Major Acquisition News

The WMT stock price has gained nearly 1% today on some big acquisition news.

Reports say that Wal-Mart plans to acquire online retailer

Despite the news, there's one reason we're avoiding Wal-Mart stock in 2016...


How "Bizarro Finance" Has Given Us More Than Double the Markets' Gains Since 2015

If negative-interest-rate policies (NIRP) sound like some kind of esoteric, unknowable concept, that's not by accident.

It's exactly what central bankers would like you to think.

In the same way people consider money something difficult to define, negative interest rates suggest some sort of complicated economic theory.

In fact, it's very simple. Instead of being paid to lend money, negative rates mean it costs you to lend. It's like the laws of physics have been turned upside down, as though gravity began to push rather than pull.

This "Bizarro finance" underlying NIRP couldn't exist without fiat money and central bankers hell-bent on destroying its value. I first mentioned this last year, when I recommended a negative rate protective profit play that's since gone on to do better than double the markets' return. At that point, negative rates were already eating into Europeans' savings.

The situation has only gotten worse in the meantime, with trillions more in sovereign debt under negative rates, and as you'll see, more banks "offering" their depositors a negative rate.

What's worse, the idea of negative rates is growing more popular among the global central banking set… including, ominously, Janet Yellen's U.S. Federal Reserve.

That's right: NIRP could be the next hot European import, and the results could be devastating to the unprepared. But it will also work to turbocharge that protective profit play I told you about..


Marijuana Stocks Will Soar as the Industry Grows to $30 Billion by 2020

Marijuana stocks have a ton to offer investors that want to take advantage of the up and coming marijuana industry.

In fact, by 2020 the U.S. marijuana market could be worth upwards of $30 billion annually by 2020. That's growth you won't want to miss out on.

And that's just the start...


Research Points to Steady Market Highs, but I'm Not Convinced

The market's strength continued last week, with new all-time highs made in the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500.

From a technical perspective, that's significant – but more for what it doesn't prove.

You see, through Wednesday, the Dow had made higher closes on nine straight days for just the seventh time in the last 36 years.

According to Nautilus Investment Research, the six months following each string of nine successive up closes in the Dow showed an average gain of 10.4% – with each of the six showing positive results (the smallest gain was 4.7%).

But here's the problem with that: First, this a very small sample size, so while this represents an interesting trend, it's a mistake to take this as conclusive proof. Second, with the U.S. election season vitriol blazing away, and global economic uncertainty abounding, you should take this quantitative analysis with a grain of salt.

Despite the strength of the post-Brexit "march to new all-time highs," the speed of the rise has slowed considerably, and the pullback we saw in yesterday's trading confirms that.

Here's what to do about it...