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How You Can Profit from the Same Trend That Drove U.S. Stocks Up 1,262% in the 80s and 90s

The 1980s and 1990s were boom decades for U.S. stocks.

But those huge gains over those particular decades were no coincidence. A distinct trend was the driving force behind the soaring stock market.

Best of all, this phenomenon is cyclical and predictable – which means we know just where to look to capture the biggest future gains.

Find out more about this trend - and how you can profit from it...

Dow Jones

Dow Jones Industrial Average Today Falls 37 Points as Oil Prices Slide

The Dow Jones Industrial Average today fell 37 points as oil prices tanked.

But the energy sector wasn't the only thing dragging down markets.

Here's everything you need to know about what happened in the markets today...


What the Latest "Solar Battle" Means for Florida

Florida will vote on two solar amendments this fall. Though they'd have opposite effects, both have 60% approval ratings.

Here's how this horse race is playing out...

Market Correction

My Chart Shows Why We Can’t Trust These Market Highs

Good news is good news again – for now.

The Labor Department's announcement that July unemployment held steady at 4.9% while adding a better than expected 225,000 jobs was enough to snap the four-day pullback and get traders in the mood to buy.

Those numbers don't necessarily reflect the street reality of the economy, but of course they were enough to get the S&P 500 to yet another new all-time high, even if the Nasdaq Composite, Dow Jones Industrials, and the Russell 2000 didn't quite make it.

This is a near-term bullish development, especially when you consider that, before this recent upward trend, we've gone 14 months between all-time highs.

But... when you see the chart I'm about to show you, you'll agree it's not quite time to pop the champagne corks...

Economic Data

Kraft Heinz Plant Closures Add to Growing 2015 Layoffs

Kraft Heinz Food Co. (NYSE: HNZ) announced Wednesday it will close seven plants in the United States and Canada over the next two years. The Kraft Heinz plant closures will eliminate 2,600 jobs and add to 2015's growing layoff tally.

This year's year-to-date tally is already 13% higher 2014's full-year total.

Here's why things will likely get worse....


Wasteful Government Spending: Walls That Melt in the Rain, Catfish Inspectors, and More

With a national debt of $18.4 trillion, you'd think that tracking down and eliminating wasteful government spending would be more of a U.S. priority.

In the tradition of retired Sen. Tom Coburn, two lawmakers, Rep. Steve Russell, R-OK, and Sen. John McCain, R-AZ, are now publishing examples of government waste.

Here are 11 hard-to-stomach instances of wasteful government spending...

Stock Market Crash

Peter Schiff on U.S. Dollar Crisis: "The Dollar Bubble Is Going to Burst"

Peter Schiff, economist, best-selling author, and CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, believes a U.S. dollar crisis is underway.

"The dollar is very overvalued…and the dollar is a bubble," he told Newsmax Prime on Aug. 11. "This dollar bubble is going to burst."

Indeed, two weeks later and Schiff's prediction proved timely. The U.S. dollar index has suffered a fourth-straight loss, and U.S. markets have plummeted in the worst weekly sell-off in four years.

Many blame the surprise yuan devaluation. But Schiff believes investors should be worried about the United States, not China...

Stock Market Today

DJIA Index Suffers Third Straight Week of Losses

The DJIA Index shed 145 points Friday. The cause? Falling crude oil prices and investor jitters ahead of next week's FOMC meeting.

The S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX), the market's fear gauge, jumped 3.76% on the day.

Here are the day's top market stories - plus our new profit tip for investors...

Stock Market Today

DJIA Today Soars 259 Points to Turn Positive for the Year

The DJIA today surged 259 points, gaining back most of Tuesday's losses. Nine of the S&P 500's 10 indices were on the rise this afternoon, with the energy sector the lone decliner.

The S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX), the market's fear gauge, fell 8.7% on the day.

Here are the day's top market stories - plus our new profit tip for investors...

Stock Market Today

DJIA Index Gains 38 Points on ECB Stimulus News

The DJIA Index gained 38 points today. The reason? The European Central Bank announced plans to begin its massive stimulus program next week, while a large M&A deal rocked the healthcare sector.

Investors remain cautious about the markets ahead of Friday's U.S. jobs report. Gold prices slipped below $1,200 on the day.

Here are the day's top market stories, plus our new profit tip for investors...