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How George Soros Funded the Western Plot to Topple Putin

George Soros may have had a hand in the Panama Papers release.

A heavy hand, at that.

Here's how the mega-billionaire funded the document leak to topple Putin...

Global Markets

What Is Brexit and How Will It Impact Investors in 2016?

"What is Brexit?" is a question readers have been asking us throughout 2016. The term "Brexit" has been making headlines all year, and this will continue to be one of the biggest financial stories of 2016.

That's why we've answered the question "what is Brexit?" And we've also dug deeper into what exactly a Brexit will mean for your money this year.

First, here's the definition...


Former Reagan Advisor Warns That Cuba Deal Could Cost America Billions – Again

The Cuba deal in progress is facing pushback from pundits stateside.

And for a good reason.

Cuba took billions from us once - who's to say it won't happen again...

Emerging Markets

How to Profit from the Best MSCI Emerging Markets Index Countries

The MSCI Emerging Markets Index countries are off to a hot start this year.

But for investors looking to get a piece of the MSCI Emerging Markets Index, the better option is not the obvious one. The tracking ETF for the market benchmark is flat this year, while the actual index is up almost 12%.

Here's a better way to play emerging markets...

Global Economy

How to Play the Japanese Stock Market Euphoria

U.S. market indexes plunged yesterday (Wednesday) and took the Japanese stock market with them.

The Nikkei 225, a Japanese stock market index tracking 225 Japanese blue-chips, fell 1.4% today. This was the day after a broad sell-off in the U.S. stock market. This was a blip in what will be a larger rally.

Japan is presenting an opportunity, but this recent sell-off shows that investors need to be discriminant in buying Japanese stock...

Investing Tips

What the Greek Debt Crisis Means for Markets and Your Money

All eyes are on Greek debt crisis this week, and rightfully so.

The country lied to get into the European Union, managed its finances terribly during its membership, and now wants to renege on its obligations. I'm not surprised and chances are you aren't either. We've been talking about the fallacy of central banking and the dangers associated with derivatives trading for years.

Now we need to talk about what happens next and, of course, what the Greek debt crisis means for your money...