Nuclear Energy


Russia and China Taunt NATO with Show of Friendship in the South China Sea

Russia and China are prepping for joint sea naval drills in the disputed South China Sea.

We believe the move is intended to send a strong signal to NATO...


This "Energy Metal" Could Pile on More Double-Digit Gains

There's no end in sight for the energy market's struggles. West Texas Intermediate crude is down 26% in the last 12 months alone. Natural gas is off 19% over the same period.

But there's bullish momentum with this "energy metal" right now. In fact, it's up 28% since July 2015.

And with one easy play, we'll be positioned to collect from this metal's ride higher...


Iran Nuclear Deal in President Obama's Reach with Mikulski Backing

The Obama administration secured enough Senate support Wednesday for the Iran nuclear deal, guaranteeing Republicans won't stymie the vote when it reaches Congress next week.

The GOP still vehemently opposes the deal.

Here are all the latest Iran nuclear deal updates...


The Price of Uranium Is About to Rocket

While oil and coal may be struggling, that's not the case all across the energy sector.

Right now, the world's two most populous nations are forging ahead with one specific form of power: uranium.

For many, it's a forgotten or overlooked sector of the energy market, especially in the wake of Japan's Fukushima disaster. But given the burgeoning demand for, and limited supply of, of this crucial component of the energy mix, it's time for a closer look at uranium.

And one recent major deal is drawing serious attention - for good reason...


Uranium Prices Will Head Higher Due to This Supply Crunch

With nuclear power bouncing back worldwide, and the number of global uranium mines declining, the signs are building that uranium prices are poised to head higher.

After stabilizing under $30 per pound, prices have begun to rebound, posting their largest gain in more than 30 months. Since Aug. 4, the cost of uranium has climbed by 13.91%.

But that could be just the beginning of the move...