Why the Cost of Obamacare Plans Will Continue to Skyrocket

The rising cost of Obamacare plans isn't just bad news for those who use them.

Because the majority of Obamacare enrollees receive subsidies to help pay for their premiums, a major chunk of these skyrocketing costs will end up on the back of the American taxpayer.

Here's a look at the Obamacare plan increases we're facing this year, and why the rate hikes will be even higher in the future...


The Deceptive Way Health Insurance CEOs Are Using Obamacare to Make Millions

Obamacare is reportedly costing health insurance companies millions of dollars in losses, but there's something really strange that's going on.

You see, compensation for health insurance CEOs is actually at an all-time high.

So if these companies are losing money, how are they able to reward these executives so handsomely? Well, Obamacare may not be as bad for health insurance companies as they want you to believe...


The Biggest Obamacare Conspiracy Theory of 2015

On June 25, the biggest Obamacare conspiracy theory to surface post-SCOTUS decision spread through right-wing media outlets.

It consisted of two key possibilities and one hard look at a wavering chief justice…

Here's what some believe prompted SCOTUS' pro-Affordable Care Act decision this past June...

Trading Strategies

Quick Trade: How to Get the Fastest, Biggest Obamacare Profits Now

It's a divisive, lightning-rod topic, but Obamacare is very much in play right now.

The Senate has just voted to repeal key provisions of the Affordable Care Act, and UnitedHealth Group – the planet's biggest provider of healthcare plans – has been threatening to walk away from it all.

At the same time, it's open enrollment season – and it will be until Jan. 31, 2016.

Enrollments are surging now – 540,000 and counting – as people sign up to get access to healthcare… or to avoid the stiff tax penalty for not having coverage.

But... where there's controversy, there's often profit. And right now the Money Calendar is flashing the prospect of big healthcare sector gains - no matter what the politicians do..


This Obamacare News Is One of the Law's Worst Omens to Date

UnitedHealth Group Inc. (NYSE: UNH) CEO Stephen J. Hemsley unleashed a bombshell of Obamacare news when he announced that his firm is considering a 2017 exit from the exchanges created by the Affordable Care Act.

This devastating Obamacare news confirmed suspicion that the major insurers aren't doing well with their ACA plans.

So what the heck is going on?

Frankly, it's something the ACA's critics have long predicted...


Obamacare Facts: "We Have Insurance, but We Can't Afford to Use It"

Obamacare facts: While the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) has helped millions of low-income Americans get medical care, middle-class citizens who have signed up for Obamacare plans are getting crushed financially.

Many middle-class people who enrolled in an Obamacare plan have not only seen premium rates rise, but are getting stuck with steep deductibles. Despite having health insurance, these folks often find they can't afford treatment.

Here's what's gone wrong...

2016 Presidential Election

Will Republicans Replace Obamacare? Here Are Their Alternatives

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) have both submitted their ACA replacement proposals for the public's scrutiny. Now that these two have revealed that they intend to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, it's likely that the rest of the GOP candidate brigade will proffer their own versions. Money Morning intends to keep you fully up-to-snuff on what each presidential hopeful proposes.

Here are the highlights from every Republican's Obamacare replacement plan so far...


How Obamacare Has Failed the Uninsured in One Chart

That the Affordable Care Act has so far fallen well short of its primary goal of providing coverage for most of the nation's 48 million uninsured has become increasingly clear as the sign-up data has trickled out.

So far, 3 million people have signed up for Obamacare, less than half of the target number of 7 million enrollees estimated by the Congressional Budget Office.

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Obamacare Cybersecurity Bill Not Enough to Protect Personal Info

Today (Friday), the U.S. House of Representatives passed an "Obamacare cybersecurity bill" that helps protect people from the gaping security hole that is the Obamacare website.

The Health Exchange Security and Transparency Act, H.R. 3811, is a one-sentence bill that simply requires customers to be notified of any Obamacare website security breach no later than two business days after its discovery. It was passed in a 291-122 vote, with 67 Democrats breaking ranks in support.

Prior to this bill, there was no legal requirement for the Department of Health and Human Services to notify an individual if his or her personal information had been breached.

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New Obamacare Deadline Needs a Christmas Miracle

Today (Monday), the Obama administration extended the Obamacare deadline to sign up for coverage by one day, to tomorrow. Consumers will have to enroll and pay in full by Christmas Eve to have insurance when coverage begins on New Year's Day, or else face a fine.

Most Americans are required to have health coverage in 2014 under Obamacare mandates, or they will face a fine of at least $95 for lapsed coverage.

This one-day Obamacare deadline extension isn't the first. Originally, it was set for Dec. 15. That was extended to Dec. 23, to give consumers additional time navigating the maligned website.

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