The Deceptive Way Health Insurance CEOs Are Using Obamacare to Make Millions

Obamacare is reportedly costing health insurance companies millions of dollars in losses, but there's something really strange that's going on.

You see, compensation for health insurance CEOs is actually at an all-time high.

So if these companies are losing money, how are they able to reward these executives so handsomely? Well, Obamacare may not be as bad for health insurance companies as they want you to believe...


Early Problems with Obamacare Are Bigger Than a Glitch

After more than three years, $400 million, and a steady stream of assurances from the Obama administration, the government's healthcare exchanges should have been ready to go.

But the problems with Obamacare, at first brushed off as the result of an overwhelming initial response, run much deeper than the Obama administration would like to admit.

"These are not glitches," an insurance executive who has taken part in many conference calls on Obamacare told The New York Times. "The extent of the problems is pretty enormous. At the end of our calls, people say, 'It's awful, just awful.'"

Here's why Obamacare is falling apart and what that means for you...