The OPEC Oil Deal Is Coming… but Not When the Pundits Expect It

Markets don't expect an OPEC oil deal in September, but that doesn't mean it's completely off the table.

Here's why a deal is coming - just not when the pundits expect it...


Saudi Aramco Chart: The History of the World's Biggest Company

Saudi Aramco is the world's biggest and most valuable company.

But the state-owned energy giant wasn't always the behemoth it is today.

This Saudi Aramco chart provides a glimpse into the history of the energy company from 1962 to now...


OPEC Is Now in the "Danger Zone" – Just as Arab Spring II Is Coming…

As OPEC divides itself into "haves" and "have-nots," the cartel is opening the door for global chaos.

These countries will be the first to fall...


Why the WTI Crude Oil Price Today Broke Its Seven-Day Winning Streak

The WTI crude oil price today declined for the first time in seven sessions.

Although prices are down, they've stabilized in the $40-$50 range.

And we found the best way to make money from this stable price range...


The Simple Reason Why OPEC Won't Strike a Deal on Oil

Every OPEC member feels the pain of cheap crude – but don't expect an oil deal any time soon.

There's one simple reason why a production cut won't happen...


This Little-Known "Export War" Is the Real Reason Behind Cheap Oil

The real reason why oil prices bottomed out recently has been completely overlooked by media pundits. Yet it may be the most important factor in oil pricing today.

You see, Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia's national oil company and the largest oil company in the world, is the bellwether for what all of OPEC is likely to do at any given time.

And on July 31, Saudi Aramco cut its prices to the Asian market significantly.

Here's why... and what that means for oil going forward...


The Top Oil ETF to Buy in 2016 for a Double-Digit Profit

Both Brent and WTI crude oil prices were exceptionally volatile last week.

Despite the day-to-day swings, oil prices will stabilize and remain in the $40 range.

And this type of "range-bound" oil environment makes this top oil ETF the perfect profit play...


What Is Saudi Aramco?

What is Saudi Aramco?

The simplest answer to that question is it's Saudi Arabia's state-owned oil company.

But it also happens to be the most important company in the history of the energy market...


Five Reasons Why Today's Oil Price Dip Won't Last

Crude's impressive trend upwards since February has some predicting a quick spike to $60 per barrel.

That won't happen, but the weakness in the oil price is finally drawing to a close. Here are five reasons why prices will - in fits and starts - keep rising from here...


Today's Oil Price Breaks Above $50 for First Time Since November

Today's oil price pushed above $50 for the first time since November.

Both WTI and Brent crude oil prices gained more than 1%.

And it's all thanks to the confluence of three events happening in three different parts of the world...