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Emerging Markets Just Got Red Hot Again

Brazil managed to pull off the 2016 Summer Games, South America's first ever, free of major problems or disruptions.

The same can't be said of the country's politics or its economy, though. Massive budget deficits, rocketing interest rates, and a plunging currency are linked with a widening corruption scandal that's brought down the president of Brazil and spurred violent civic unrest.

That doesn't seem like a likely source of market-beating 44% and 24% gains, but that's exactly what our Brazilian plays have returned over the past 10 months – a time that's seen plenty of global investors run away from the country's 200 million consumers.

Clearly, not every investor is running out on Brazil. In fact, a few of the world's smartest, richest investors are making a beeline for Brazil… along with other, similar markets that offer better diversification, higher yields, and bigger gains.

But you don't have to leave home for profit potential like this. It's really easy to buy...


Silver Spot Price Is Correcting – Get Ready for the Rebound

The silver spot price had been soaring throughout 2016, but that run has recently come to an end. We've seen the silver price correct over the last two weeks, and the Fed's hawkish tone last week is sending the silver spot price even lower now.

While the silver spot price may be down this week, we still seen gains coming in 2016. Here's how high silver prices will trade by the end of the year.


Why the Price of Silver Will Rebound from Today's Two-Month Low

The price of silver today dropped below $19 for the first time since June 30.

Although it's been beaten down recently, we're still bullish on silver prices this year.

That's why we see the metal rising to this price target by the end of 2016...


What’s Next for the Price of Gold After This Week’s Fed Minutes

The price of gold posted solid gains this week thanks to the release of the Fed minutes.

Despite this week's gains, gold is down this month, meaning it may be entering a correction.

Here's why it's in correction territory - and why the decline won't last much longer...


Silver Prices Today Climb – Here's How High They're Headed in 2016

Silver prices today are climbing slightly after yet another volatile week for the precious metal.

A number of factors have continued to push and pull silver prices in opposite directions over the past month.

Here's what is moving silver prices today, and what to expect from the precious metal for the rest of the year...


Silver Prices Could Soar to $22 If This Happens in September

Silver prices retreated last week as the U.S. Dollar Index saw a massive rally.

But there's one important event in September that could push prices higher the rest of the year.

Here's what you need to know about the white metal going forward...

Market Crash

The Worse Banks Get, the More This Easy Trade Pays You

The global economy is about to be dealt one "double whammy" of a knockout blow.

It's because of two different emerging trends that are fast approaching collision: financial repression and the uncontrolled expansion of the financial sector.

Financial repression has vastly contributed to the pain the middle class is feeling now. Historically low, even negative, interest rates have eaten into returns and helped decimate pension funds and punish everyone from savers to bondholders.

At the same time, massive banks have been allowed to grow in size and power, totally unchecked. And they've used this growth period to inject huge, totally unsustainable amounts of leverage into the system via trillions of dollars in derivatives contracts and bad loans.

Either of these would be bad enough, but I want to show you how these trends are converging to unleash a firestorm of capital destruction on the unwitting. That's something we're just beginning to see in Europe right now, but it sure won't stop "over there."

The way to avoid it? Don't be unwitting. Take a look at this easy-to-trade profit play I'm recommending right now.

The worse banks get, the more it pays...


Silver Price Today Falls to $19.50 – Here's Our Short-Term Target

The silver price today is down for the second day in a row, trading near $19.50.

Although silver has rallied in recent months, we expect it to see more weakness in the short term.

That's why we just updated our short-term silver price targets...


How to Profit as D.C.'s Pork-Barrel Politics (and Spending) Go Global

Of course the Fed has pulled out all the stops to try and kick-start a modest 2% inflation rate. You see, governments don't just want inflation, they absolutely need it if they want to maintain even the faintest hope of managing their multitrillion-dollar debt burdens.

So far, nothing has worked… But, as I've said, and as recency bias shows, we're likely to be swamped with more inflation than anyone bargained for, courtesy of government spending.

That's because they're about to embark on a spending and money-printing spree of historic proportions.

This could make quantitative easing look like chump change. The entire world is going to be getting in on the action, led by the United States…

… and it's likely to happen no matter who moves into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW in January. Both Clinton and Trump are talking this up in a big way. It's the one thing they can actually agree on.

One thing no one is mentioning, however, is how this spending spree will act like rocket fuel to one stock I mentioned three months ago. It's already done about twice as well as the markets, and based on what I see coming, that's barely the start of the gains...


After the Silver Price Rally Last Week, Watch These Three Factors

The silver price gained nearly 6% last week despite similar strength in the U.S. Dollar Index.

But there are three recent and upcoming events that will determine if the rally continues in the short term.

Here's a breakdown of these three major global events...