As the IPO Market Comes Out of the Freezer, It's Time to Become a VC…

As I told you folks on Wednesday, the "IPO Ice Age" that had frozen the initial public offering market is finally thawing.

And that's going to energize two of my favorite IPO-related profit plays.

The first - detailed in that Wednesday report "The IPO Market Is Surging - and the 'Mystery of the Hollow Twinkie' Shows Us How to Profit" - is the First Trust IPOX-100 Index Fund (NYSE: FPX), which tracks the IPO market.

And the second is our "venture capital" fund... the SharesPost 100 Fund (PRIVX), an investment pool focused on 100 of the very best late-stage startups - companies capitalizing on such powerful tech trends as wearable technology, the mobile wave, social networking, cybersecurity and e-commerce.

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