The Money Map Method

Dear Reader,

Are you ready to start making money? Want to know what to buy first, and how much?

We all know that markets move up and down and can be unpredictable at times. Because of this, we want to keep your portfolio as safe as possible during potentially volatile periods, while also giving you opportunities to make the best profits possible.

That's why there are a number of things we do here at Money Morning to protect and add to your portfolio.


#1: Staying Where the Big Growth Is

The companies capitalizing on global growth are emerging as the world's leading profit machines at the fastest clip in history. More than 30 of the 50 biggest, most profitable companies in the world are now based outside of the U.S.

According to renowned economist Antoine van Agtmael - the man who first coined the term "emerging markets:" "Every 22 days, a new company outside of the United States generates a billion dollars in sales for the first time."

It's a fact that no investor can deny today - yet only a savvy few will be able to capitalize on it.

At Money Morning, we're not "anti-U.S. markets," we just follow the growth wherever that may lead us, from Singapore to Peoria.

The one thing ALL financial growth has in common today is that the forces of globalization are creating the best opportunities. And we're committed to following that growth.

#2: Focusing on the Biggest Income

Nothing is better than buying a stock and watching the price soar upward. But the fact is stock-price appreciation is a relatively new (and much less predictable) way to make money in equities.

In times like these, the smart investor also focuses on dividends and income - securities that pay outsized rewards.

And that's what we've been doing - and will continue to do.

Earning a good yield on your investment is crucial. And the fact remains... history shows dividend paying stocks surpass non-dividend ones by as much as 25 to 1. Over the long run, as much as 97% of total stock market returns are due to dividends.

Plus, in rocky markets, dividend payers really outperform. They build up a thick layer of financial armor around your portfolio and guarantee a stream of cash.

#3: Building a "Structured" Portfolio

We've developed an "investment pyramid" using our tried and true 50-40-10 structure.

Let's take a quick look at how it works... and how using it can help you develop a more effective portfolio and better manage your downside.

Think of your entire portfolio as the investment pyramid. It is divided into three unequal parts: With this structure in place, we've positioned you to get the most out of the billions of dollars flowing into global markets.

The bottom line: A solid structure protects your downside... but still allows you to capture the huge gains that can lead to an early retirement.

Few in the markets understand just how powerful this system can be - and even fewer understand just how to use it.

And don't forget...

Global trends always keep the odds in your favor.

Keep an eye out for stock recommendations and more ways to build your portfolio in upcoming Money Morning reports.